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AK-47 | Baroque Purple (Battle-Scarred)

AK-47 | Baroque Purple (Battle-Scarred)


The AK-47 | Baroque Purple (Battle-Scarred) is a CS2 skin with a unique and eye-catching design. It features a purple and gold color scheme with intricate patterns and details.

Notable Features

- Distinctive purple and gold color scheme
- Intricate baroque-inspired patterns
- Battle-scarred exterior


The AK-47 | Baroque Purple (Battle-Scarred) has a worn and battle-scarred appearance, with visible scratches and abrasions on its surface. However, the distinctive purple and gold design still stands out.

Float and Pattern Values

The exact float and pattern values of this particular AK-47 skin may vary.


The Baroque Purple skin was introduced as part of a CS2 update, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the iconic AK-47 weapon.


The Battle-Scarred exterior of this skin gives it a weathered and battle-worn look, showcasing its history and use in combat.


Overall, the AK-47 | Baroque Purple (Battle-Scarred) is a visually striking skin with a unique design. Despite its battle-scarred appearance, it still manages to captivate attention on the virtual battlefield.


The rarity of this skin may vary, but it is generally considered to be of a higher rarity due to its distinctive design.


The AK-47 | Baroque Purple (Battle-Scarred) is a popular skin among CS2 players who appreciate its unique and ornate design.