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AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New)

AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New)


The AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New) is a highly sought-after CS2 skin known for its distinct design and rarity. It features a black, red, and white color scheme with intricate patterns reminiscent of a cartel theme.

Notable Features

- Unique cartel-themed design
- High rarity and desirability among collectors
- Factory New exterior condition


The AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New) showcases a sleek and stylish appearance with its black, red, and white color palette. The intricate patterns on the weapon's body add depth and visual interest, making it stand out among other AK-47 skins.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value of this skin falls within the Factory New range, indicating that it is in pristine condition with minimal wear. The pattern values on individual skins may vary, adding a touch of uniqueness to each piece.


The AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New) was introduced to CS2 as part of a weapon skin collection. Since its release, it has gained popularity among players and collectors alike, becoming a highly coveted item in the CS2 marketplace.


The AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New) has a Factory New exterior condition, meaning it shows no signs of wear or damage. It retains its original shine and pristine appearance, making it an appealing choice for collectors and players alike.


With its striking design, high rarity, and Factory New condition, the AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New) is a prized possession among CS2 enthusiasts. Its unique appearance and desirability contribute to its popularity in the marketplace.


The AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New) is considered a rare skin in CS2. Its distinctive design and limited availability contribute to its rarity and desirability among collectors and players.


The AK-47 | Cartel (Factory New) is a popular skin choice among CS2 players. Its eye-catching design and high desirability make it a sought-after item in the community.