SAFE 200% and the chat support is…
SAFE 200% and the chat support is amazing , I was checking my trade with Andrew step by step . I sold 1138 dollars skins and I got the money in 15 min to my wallet . IT SAFE AND LEGGIT
Leo Mark
7 Stunden
Legit Site and fast payout
Sold my Skins two days ago and the money came today. Also good and fast Customer Service.
Tim Picke
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best site to fast sell and buy skins
best site, there is no such good customer service anywhere
Janek Prętcki
2 Tage
For the most part an amazing experience
For the most part an amazing experience, crypto transactions took around 30 min on the long end to process however no major hiccups. The only downside that I have noticed is that after depositing the crypto to the site, the price of an item can sometimes go up by a matter of a few cents making the deposited funds not enough, the minimum deposit is $50 so if you are depositing crypto, definitely deposit a few more cents than the listed price just incase.
Josh Meaker
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Good site
Good site. Fast delivery
4 Tage
Everything is great
Everything is great
Tolya Popov
6 Tage
Great website with good support
Great website with good support, love it will buy from this guys again in the future
Temurjon Abdullaev
6 Tage
site confiável
se tiver alguma dúvida eles te respondem e o site é muito confiável muito prático aprovado
Davi Soares de Medeiros
1 Woche
1 Woche
Did my research and came across this…
Did my research and came across this site and didnt hesitate great prices and easy Transaction with great response from support!
Javier Ortiz
1 Woche
I made a sale without any problems…
I made a sale without any problems within 20 minutes maximum.
1 Woche
very good thank you
very good thank you
1 Woche
I can't lie
I can't lie, at first, I was a bit sceptical about the cashout thing, but after I started to read a bit about the review and do a leap of faith, all I can say is that it went smoothly and fast, got my money on crypto, 10/10 easy to use would do it again
Techno Lotus
1 Woche
Quick reaction of assistance
I had an issue with my account, assistance was really fast and effective (5mn).
1 Woche
the speed
one of the most pleasant experiences buying csgo skins I have ever had, very good service
1 Woche
Przelew za sprzedany skin jest…
Przelew za sprzedany skin jest natychmiastowy
1 Woche
I've used the site several times
I've used the site several times, making relatively sizable purchases. While the site freezes my account every time I deposit, which is a bit annoying, the support team is super helpful in quickly unfreezing my account and crediting it. I've received the purchased items without issues every time. My main feedback/requests would be: 1. Create a filter to sort by most/least discounted. 2. Set up a referral code system to give users bonuses/incentive to refer other buyers.
Scott Xu
2 Wochen
It's safe!
It is safe! Thanks a lot;
mLd FairPlay e.D
2 Wochen
I received the payment imediatelly…
I received the payment imediatelly after i accept the steam offer
2 Wochen
Pieniążki na koncie w kilka minut
Pieniążki na koncie w kilka minut. Polecam.
2 Wochen
Well I got my money quickly and I could…
Well I got my money quickly and I could even sell my cases on cs that I couldnt do it on other websites
2 Wochen
Best site ever!
Best site ever!
2 Wochen
Rápido y confiable
Soporte muy rápido y eficiente, la compra de mi skin fue prácticamente instantánea
Jesua Barrientos
2 Wochen
Service was perfect
Service was pretty good i got hacked and they told me what to do and was on my site to get the problem solved till my skins was sold with the right bots 🙌🏼
2 Wochen
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