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★ Butterfly Knife | Autotronic (Factory New)

★ Butterfly Knife | Autotronic (Factory New)


The Butterfly Knife | Autotronic is a CS2 skin featuring a sleek design and a unique opening mechanism. It is known for its high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Notable Features

- Autotronic pattern on the blade
- Butterfly style opening mechanism


The skin has a futuristic and stylish appearance with a silver blade and a black handle. The Autotronic pattern adds a distinct and eye-catching element to the design.

Float and Pattern Values

The float and pattern values for this specific Butterfly Knife | Autotronic (Factory New) skin may vary.


The Autotronic skin was introduced in a CS2 update and quickly gained popularity among players and collectors. It has become a sought-after item in the CS2 community.


The exterior condition of this skin is Factory New, indicating that it has minimal wear and tear, with no scratches or blemishes.


The Butterfly Knife | Autotronic (Factory New) is a highly desirable CS2 skin, known for its sleek design, unique opening mechanism, and overall visual appeal.


This skin is classified as a rare item in CS2.


The Butterfly Knife | Autotronic (Factory New) is a popular choice among CS2 players and collectors due to its striking appearance and rarity.