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★ Hand Wraps | Overprint (Factory New)

★ Hand Wraps | Overprint (Factory New)


The Hand Wraps | Overprint (Factory New) is a CS2 skin with a unique design. It features a distinct overprint pattern that adds a touch of style to your in-game character's hands.

Notable Features

- Overprint pattern design
- Factory New condition


The Hand Wraps | Overprint (Factory New) has a clean and pristine appearance. The overprint pattern covers the entire surface of the hand wraps, creating a visually appealing look.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value and pattern index of this skin may vary.


The Hand Wraps | Overprint (Factory New) was introduced to CS2 as part of a collection update. It quickly gained popularity among players for its unique design and high-quality condition.


This skin is available in Factory New condition, which means it has minimal wear and tear. It looks brand new and has no visible scratches or blemishes.


The Hand Wraps | Overprint (Factory New) is a sought-after CS2 skin for players who appreciate stylish designs and pristine conditions. Its distinct overprint pattern sets it apart from other hand wrap skins.


The rarity of this skin may vary depending on its availability in the CS2 market.


The Hand Wraps | Overprint (Factory New) is a popular choice among CS2 players who want to showcase a unique and well-preserved skin during their gameplay.