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★ Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested)

★ Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested)


The Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested) is a stylish and functional cosmetic item in CS2. These gloves provide excellent grip and protection for players in the virtual battlefield.

Notable Features

- High-quality material for durability and comfort
- Unique Nocts design with a sleek and modern look
- Enhanced grip for improved weapon handling


The Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested) feature a black and blue color scheme with intricate patterns. The gloves have a futuristic and sporty appearance, making them stand out in the game.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value of the gloves affects their overall wear and condition. The pattern values determine the visual pattern on the gloves, which can vary from item to item.


The Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested) were introduced to CS2 as part of a collection update. They quickly gained popularity among players for their unique design and functionality.


The Field-Tested exterior condition indicates that the gloves have some signs of wear, but are still in relatively good condition. This adds a touch of realism to the gloves, reflecting their use in combat.


The Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested) are a sought-after cosmetic item for CS2 players who value both style and performance. With their eye-catching design and practical features, these gloves are a great addition to any loadout.


The Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested) are classified as a classified-grade item, making them relatively rare and valuable in the CS2 community.


Due to their appealing design and functionality, the Sport Gloves | Nocts (Field-Tested) have gained popularity among CS2 players. They are often sought after and traded in the community market.