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FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred)

FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred)


The FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred) is a CS2 skin that showcases a battle-worn appearance. It features scratches and wear marks on the surface, giving it a rugged and weathered look.

Notable Features

- Battle-scarred appearance
- Distinctive scratches and wear marks


The skin displays a combination of dark and light tones, with prominent scratches and wear on the body of the weapon. The Eye of Athena emblem is visible on the magazine.

Float and Pattern Values

Float Value: Varies
Pattern Index: Varies


The FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred) was introduced as part of a CS2 skin collection. It represents the wear and tear that a weapon may experience in battle, adding a touch of realism to the gameplay experience.


The exterior condition of the skin is classified as Battle-Scarred. It shows heavy signs of wear and tear, reflecting its use in combat.


The FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred) is a battle-scarred CS2 skin with a rugged and weathered appearance. Its distinctive scratches and wear marks add character and realism to the weapon.


The rarity level of this skin is classified as Consumer Grade.


The popularity of the FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred) may vary among CS2 players, as personal preferences and market trends influence the demand for different skins.