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MAG-7 | Foresight (Minimal Wear)

MAG-7 | Foresight (Minimal Wear)


This CS2 skin is the MAG-7 | Foresight (Minimal Wear). It is a weapon skin that can be used for the MAG-7 shotgun.

Notable Features

The Foresight skin has a minimal wear condition, giving it a slightly worn appearance but still maintaining its overall quality.


The MAG-7 | Foresight (Minimal Wear) features a sleek and modern design with a combination of black, gray, and orange colors. It has a futuristic pattern that adds a unique touch to the skin.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value of this skin may vary, affecting its wear and appearance. The pattern values are not significant for this particular skin.


The MAG-7 | Foresight (Minimal Wear) was introduced in a CS2 update and has since become a popular choice among players who prefer shotguns.


The exterior condition of this skin is classified as Minimal Wear, meaning it shows minimal signs of wear and tear.


The MAG-7 | Foresight (Minimal Wear) is a visually appealing skin that adds a touch of style to the MAG-7 shotgun. Its sleek design and minimal wear condition make it a desirable choice for CS2 players.


This skin falls under the "Consumer Grade" rarity category in CS2, which means it is relatively common and easily obtainable.


The MAG-7 | Foresight (Minimal Wear) is a popular skin among players due to its appealing design and availability.