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MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn)

MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn)


The MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn) is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS2) skin that features a unique design created by combining different parts from other weapon skins. It showcases a weathered appearance due to wear and tear.

Notable Features

- Customized design created through kitbashing
- Well-worn condition with visible signs of use


The MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn) has a distinct and eye-catching appearance. It combines elements from various skins to create a unique and visually appealing look.

Float and Pattern Values

The float and pattern values of the MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn) may vary, affecting the wear and appearance of the skin.


This skin was released as part of a CS2 update, offering players a new customization option for their MP5-SD weapon.


The MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn) has a well-worn exterior, indicating significant use and wear on the surface.


Overall, the MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn) is a unique and visually interesting skin that showcases a weathered appearance. It offers CS2 players a personalized and distinctive option for their MP5-SD weapon.


The rarity of the MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn) skin can vary based on its availability and demand in the CS2 community.


The MP5-SD | Kitbash (Well-Worn) skin has garnered attention and popularity among CS2 players who appreciate its customized design and distinctive appearance.