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Souvenir FAMAS | Styx (Minimal Wear)

Souvenir FAMAS | Styx (Minimal Wear)


The Souvenir FAMAS | Styx (Minimal Wear) is a popular CS2 skin that features a unique design and appealing aesthetics. It is a souvenir version of the FAMAS rifle.

Notable Features

- Unique Styx design
- Minimal Wear condition


The skin showcases a black and gray color scheme with intricate patterns resembling ancient Greek mythology. The Styx design covers the entire body of the FAMAS, giving it a distinct and eye-catching look.

Float and Pattern Values

The exact float value and pattern of this specific skin may vary.


The Souvenir FAMAS | Styx (Minimal Wear) was introduced to CS2 as part of a collection update. It quickly gained popularity among players and collectors due to its appealing design and rarity.


This skin is available in Minimal Wear condition, which means it may have some minor signs of wear but is still in good overall condition.


The Souvenir FAMAS | Styx (Minimal Wear) is a highly sought-after skin for CS2 enthusiasts who appreciate unique designs and aesthetics. Its popularity and rarity make it a valuable addition to any collection.


This skin is considered to be of rare quality in CS2.


The Souvenir FAMAS | Styx (Minimal Wear) is a popular skin among CS2 players and collectors.