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StatTrak™ FAMAS | Doomkitty (Minimal Wear)

StatTrak™ FAMAS | Doomkitty (Minimal Wear)


The StatTrak™ FAMAS | Doomkitty (Minimal Wear) is a CS2 skin known for its unique design and in-game tracking capabilities. It offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance combined with a functional feature that counts the number of kills made with the weapon.

Notable Features

- StatTrak™ technology for kill tracking
- Attractive Doomkitty design


The skin features a vibrant and colorful Doomkitty pattern on the FAMAS weapon. The design showcases a cat-like creature with glowing eyes and a fierce expression. The colors range from black and purple to pink and yellow, creating an eye-catching and unique appearance.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value of the skin determines its wear condition, with Minimal Wear being the specified condition for this particular skin. As for pattern values, they are not applicable to this skin.


The StatTrak™ FAMAS | Doomkitty (Minimal Wear) was introduced to CS2 as part of a weapon skin collection. It gained popularity among players for its distinctive design and the added feature of kill tracking.


The exterior condition of this skin is classified as Minimal Wear, indicating slight wear and tear on the surface.


The StatTrak™ FAMAS | Doomkitty (Minimal Wear) is a sought-after CS2 skin due to its appealing design and the ability to track kills. It offers a unique visual experience combined with functionality, making it a desirable choice for players.


The skin falls under the classified rarity category, making it relatively rare and valuable.


Due to its distinctive design and in-game tracking feature, the StatTrak™ FAMAS | Doomkitty (Minimal Wear) has gained popularity among CS2 players and collectors.