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FAMAS | Sergeant (Field-Tested)

FAMAS | Sergeant (Field-Tested)


The FAMAS | Sergeant is a CS2 skin featuring a field-tested condition. It is a popular skin that is widely recognized by players in the CS2 community.

Notable Features

- Distinctive gray and black camouflage pattern
- FAMAS logo on the stock
- Sergeant insignia on the magazine


The skin showcases a unique camouflage pattern with a combination of gray and black tones. It gives the FAMAS a rugged and tactical appearance on the battlefield.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value of this skin may vary, affecting its wear and appearance. The pattern value determines the placement and intensity of the camouflage pattern.


The FAMAS | Sergeant was introduced to CS2 as part of a weapon skin collection. It quickly gained popularity among players due to its appealing design and distinct camouflage pattern.


This particular skin is field-tested, indicating moderate wear. It may show signs of use and minor scratches, but it remains in good condition overall.


The FAMAS | Sergeant is a sought-after skin in CS2, known for its appealing camouflage pattern and distinctive design elements. It offers a unique visual experience for players who wield it.


The rarity of this skin falls within the "Classified" category, indicating its relative scarcity compared to other skins.


The FAMAS | Sergeant has gained significant popularity among CS2 players, making it a desirable skin for collectors and enthusiasts.