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FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn)

FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn)


The FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn) is a CS2 skin with a battle-worn appearance. It features a faded green camouflage pattern and scratches on the surface, indicating heavy use in combat.

Notable Features

- Faded green camouflage pattern
- Scratches and wear marks


The skin has a rugged and worn-out look, giving it a realistic military aesthetic. The faded green camouflage adds to its authenticity, while the scratches and wear marks contribute to its battle-hardened appearance.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value of the FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn) skin may vary, affecting the overall wear and condition of the skin. The specific pattern values for this skin are not available.


This skin was introduced in a CS2 update and has since become a popular choice among players. Its worn-out appearance and realistic design make it a sought-after skin in the community.


The FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn) skin falls under the "Well-Worn" exterior condition. This condition indicates significant wear and tear, with noticeable scratches and dullness on the surface of the weapon.


The FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn) is a battle-worn CS2 skin that appeals to players who prefer a realistic and rugged look for their weapons. Its faded camouflage pattern and wear marks give it an authentic military vibe.


The rarity of the FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn) skin is classified as "Mil-Spec". This indicates that it is relatively common compared to higher-tiered skins.


The FAMAS | Sergeant (Well-Worn) skin enjoys moderate popularity among CS2 players. Its unique appearance and battle-worn aesthetic make it an appealing choice for those seeking a realistic and weathered skin.