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FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Battle-Scarred)

FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Battle-Scarred)


The FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Battle-Scarred) is a CS2 skin with a battle-scarred appearance. It features a distinctive design that makes it stand out among other FAMAS skins.

Notable Features

The notable feature of this skin is its battle-scarred condition, which gives it a worn and weathered look. The scratches and marks on the surface add to its unique appearance.


The FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Battle-Scarred) has a rugged and battle-worn appearance. The paint on the weapon is chipped and faded, showing signs of heavy use.

Float and Pattern Values

The float value and pattern of this skin may vary, affecting the specific appearance of each individual skin.


The FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Battle-Scarred) was introduced to the CS2 market as part of a collection. It quickly gained popularity among players due to its distinct look and affordable price.


The exterior condition of this skin is battle-scarred, indicating significant wear and tear. The surface of the weapon may have scratches, abrasions, and other signs of damage.


Overall, the FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Battle-Scarred) is a CS2 skin with a unique and battle-worn appearance. It is favored by players who appreciate the rugged charm of battle-scarred skins.


The rarity of this skin may vary, but it is generally considered to be a common or low-tier skin.


The FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Battle-Scarred) has gained popularity among players who prefer skins with a battle-worn and weathered look.