While the CS:GO universe boasts skins and cosmetic items that can fetch impressive sums, we want to demonstrate that you don't need to empty your wallet to showcase style. Further in the text you will find a selection of the finest and most affordable CS:GO stickers available. 

Blue Gem (Glitter)

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 1

This Sticker had its debut in CS2 a year ago while being a part of the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule introduced with the "10 Year Birthday Stickers" update. Crafted by the talented fellowship stylist "b3d," this sticker can be exclusively acquired by revealing a 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule, standing out as a unique thing outside any assemblage.

Boasting an impressive 85% popularity, the Blue Gem (Glitter) sticker resides among the best 15% of coveted elements in CS2. This stock metric is derived from its everyday sales volume and market price, which starts from $3,55.

Considered a rarity among the 6,710 Sticker items, the Blue Gem (Glitter) holds a distinguished status of Remarkable. 

Ancient Protector

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 2

The Sticker | Ancient Protector joined CS2 in 2020, through the Broken Fang Sticker Collection tied to the "Operation Broken Fang" update.

With a solid 65% acknowledgement, it's a sought-after choice in CS2, determined by its everyday sales volume and market price. Among 6,710 Sticker items, it holds a High Grade rarity, offering a usual drop possibility of 79.92%.

Priced at just $0.05, the Ancient Protector is an affordable and broadly accessible item across multiple markets, making it an accessible pick for collectors.


Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 3

Designed by "Enfu," this cool sticker is obtainable exclusively through the Enfu Sticker Capsule.

With a robust 70% popularity, it stands among the best 30% in CS:GO. Among 6,710 Sticker items, the Skulltorgeist is a famous High Grade drop with a 79.92% possibility.

Price of $0.46, makes it one of the best cheap stickers which is a widely accessible choice across markets, making it a stylish pick for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Too Late

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 4

Crafted by "FrosT," this sticker is exclusively available in CS:GO Sticker Capsules.

Despite its $0.19 price, it holds a commendable 55% popularity, making it a sought-after item. Among 6,710 Stickers, its High Grade rarity yields a common 79.92% drop chance.

Widely accessible on various markets, the Sticker | Too Late can be your good choice in case you are looking for the best cheap CS:GO sticker.

Best Holo Stickers

Unicorn (Holo)

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 5

The Sticker | Unicorn (Holo) enchanted through the captivating Enfu Sticker Capsule - one of the best sticker capsules to open. Crafted by "Enfu," this standalone sticker with Remarkable rarity boasts an 85% popularity, placing it in the peak 15% of coveted things. Among 6,710 stickers, it holds a rare 15.98% drop possibility.

Priced at $2.05, the Unicorn (Holo) offers an affordable touch of magic, widely available across markets for collectors seeking a whimsical addition to their collection.

Pegasus (Holo)

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 6

The Sticker | Pegasus (Holo) soared into CS:GO through the enchanting Bestiary Capsule during the "New CS:GO Merchandise" update. Crafted by "apel8," this unique sticker is exclusively found in the Bestiary Capsule, not tied to any assemblages.

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 7

Having a flying 70% recognition, it soars into the peak 30% of sought-after things based on everyday sales volume and market price. Among 6,710 stickers, the Pegasus (Holo) holds a rare 15.98% drop chance.

Priced at a reasonable $1.61, it's an affordable and absolutely cool choice across markets, offering collectors a touch of mythical allure.

Aces High (Holo)

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 8

The Sticker | Aces High (Holo) appeared on the market with the Sticker Capsule in the "Stick to your guns" update. Exclusive to the profitable Sticker Capsule and didn’t belong to any assemblage, it boasts an impressive 75% recognition, ranking as the best 25% of coveted things based on everyday sales and cost.

Among 6,710 stickers, the Aces High (Holo) holds a Remarkable rarity with quite a unique 15.98% drop possibility. Having a cost of $3.02, it offers an affordable and broadly obtainable option across markets for collectors and enthusiasts eager to add the captivating sticker to the collection.

Best CS:GO Stickers to Invest in 2024

Putting up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) stickers has become a lucrative venture, with costs continually on the rise. Before diving into this market, it's crucial to understand which stickers hold the capacity for future growth. In anticipation of the trends in 2024, considerations such as quantity, aesthetics, and uniqueness should guide your choices.

Stickers with limited availability, never to reappear in the game, often witness a surge in value. Attractiveness is a key factor, as visually appealing stickers tend to garner more popularity and, consequently, higher prices. Additionally, stickers associated with teams that participated in fewer Majors gain value due to their uniqueness.

Patience is paramount in sticker enclosure, exemplified by the Dragon Lore (Foil) from the CS:GO Sticker Capsule. Despite taking several years to surpass others, its value has nearly doubled since its introduction.

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 9

Taking these factors into account, a shortlist of promising investments for 2024 emerges:

3DMAX (Holo) Katowice 2015: A rare, visually appealing sticker associated with a team that is not at Majors anymore, showcasing a consistent ascendant tendency with over a 20-fold enhancement during five years.

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 10

Team Liquid (Foil) MLG Columbus 2016: While less unique due to the squad’s regular Major appearances, this sticker holds value as an older, visually pleasing option.

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 11

Dragon Lore (Foil): Obtained from the CS:GO Sticker Capsule, this sticker stands out for its uniqueness and exceptional styling. Despite its slow climb in cost, its unique qualities make it a dormant gem in CS2.

Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers 12

Investing in CS:GO stickers parallels stock market strategies, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the play, esports trends, and vigilant market monitoring. As with any enclosure, the CS:GO stickers market is dynamic, necessitating individual decision-making and an awareness of potential risks and losses.

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