Knives belong to the most valuable items in Counter-Strike in general, and if you want to use them as a means of investment or creating a valuable collection, knowing what the most expensive knife in CS:GO is will come out very useful. Below you will find detailed information of ways to obtain expensive knives, factors influencing their prices and the list of the current most expensive in-game items of the type.

Why Are Knives Expensive?

For an inexperienced player, the costs of cold weapons in CS2 may seem ridiculous. If you study the economy of purchasing digital objects, this will become pretty logical. The costs of this type of objects are influenced by the low supply, which, in turn, appears due to the low probability of the item to be acquired from the case.. The chance of obtaining a knife of any value this way is 0,25575%, which means you may open several hundreds of crates without seeing one. In addition, there are other parameters dictating the price:

Float Value

Assigned when the item is obtained initially and doesn’t change afterwards. Determines how worn out the object looks.

Pattern Index

Takes the value from 1 to 1000 and determines how the texture is applied. Is important for the most valuable blades.

StatTrak Counter

Is assigned to roughly one of ten items. As a result, StatTrak variations  are even rarer.


In some cases, stickers make items more valuable. More often it happens with guns, but can be true for the blades as well.

As you see, to get a knife that will be later sold for a good price, you need the stars to be aligned perfectly: it should have a valued pattern, a good enough float for it to be clearly distinguishable and this all on top of the low odds per se. No wonder, that some blades exist only in several instances or are sold only on special occasions. Below, you will find a description of the most famous knives in CSGO, their characteristics and current prices. Please take into account that these prices move up or down with time.

The Most Valuable Knives in CS:GO in 2023

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 1

Their cost depends on many factors, and it can change with time. The post from the insider, the release of a new collection or a preference of a respected esports player – all these factors, along with the variety of others, can influence the prices, and what was expensive yesterday can drop in price tomorrow. It is useful to follow the gaming news and keep an eye on cost levels.. Here are some examples of knives in CS:GO which are the most expansive as of the end of 2023.

Legendary Knives in CS2

Some of them are unique, because appearing in the game involves the combination of several occurrences with a very low probability each. In addition to the fact that they drop only from the abysmally small percentage of cases, they require a low float, which is pretty obvious for a valuable skin. But there is one more important characteristic, namely, the pattern index, which makes the drop of a rarity literally 1000 times less probable. As a result, some of the most valuable objects exist only in one instance. They are not traded openly on the market, but exist only in the inventories of the collectors who hold onto them. The purchases and transfers of such items are rare and become a huge event in the world of CS2.

  • An item topping our list is a Factory New Karambit Case Hardened with the pattern index of 387. This pattern index creates a unique variation of a Blue Gem texture. Once, a collector from China acquired it for about $100k, but its current value sits at the unimaginable level of 1,5 million.

  • One more valuable item is the Talon Blue Gem – in particular, the instance market with the pattern index equal to 55. Its value is estimated at the level of $50k. Again, you will not see it being sold on Steam Marketplace or third-party resources, as it exists in a singular quantity and its owner prefers to hold onto it.

  • Some of the rarest and most expensive knives in CS:GO belong to the Doppler Phases. They are named after the gems, such as Rubies or Sapphires. They can be rarely seen on the community market, especially if we talk about finishes for the most valued models, such as Butterfly or Karambit. They can be obtained for up to $20k, depending on the characteristics.

More of Valuable Knives in CS:GO

Now it’s time to describe some more examples of valuable knives in CS:GO. Unlike the in-game items mentioned above, these finishes for cold weapons are bought and sold more often, and their price varies from site to site. For example, the selling price and Steam Community Market can differ from the costs at some third-party resource or at forums or reddit communities, where people conclude deals and exchanges privately. It is difficult to create a categorical rating of the most expensive knives in CS:GO. Here are some examples of items which will hold high value regardless of what you prefer to buy and sell.

Butterfly Doppler Sapphire – up to $20k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 2

Anyone, who wants to enhance their collection with this item, will need not only a hefty amount of money, but also luck, as there are less than 5 objects of such design on the market. The clear blue sapphire texture without any blemishes looks impeccable, so there is no wonder that it became one of the most expensive pieces.

Butterfly Gamma Doppler Emerald – about $15k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 3

This design, available in game since 2021, cedes only slightly to the one mentioned above. Green, emerald texture gives it a unique look. The availability is also scarce: it is very complicated to find the instance of it being sold, be it on the official Market or on the third-party resources. It costs a couple thousand less than Doppler Sapphire, but some of the known instances are more expensive due to additional value or rare stickers.

M9 Bayonet Doppler Sapphire – about $12k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 4

Naturally, the Butterfly Knife is not the only model in CS2 where Doppler Sapphire can be applied. Another valuable option is this instance of M9 Bayonet, which can boast its vibrant purple hue. If you are lucky, you can catch an opportunity to buy it for a bit more than $10k, but it’s highly possible you will pay several thousands more, as the supply is very limited.

Karambit Doppler Sapphire – about $10k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 5

This rare curved blade looks impressive in combination with a Sapphire texture. Similar to other Doppler textures, it gives it a distinct, instantly recognizable outlook. The supply on the market is almost as scarce, as with the top-3 objects described above, so, if you have enough money and want to buy one, you will have to spend some time researching the market.

Karambit Doppler Emerald – about $9.9 k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 6

At last we enter the realm of objects which cost less than 10 thousand dollars, although a little bit only. This curved dagger takes its own proud place in multiple lists of the most expensive knives in CS:GO. Its value persists in CS2 as well, as the new lighting system and transition to the new game engine improved the looks of many weapons and textures, including the vivid look of Gamma Doppler blades.

M9 Bayonet Doppler Emerald – about $8.5k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 7

As you may already have noticed, there is not much variety in colors among the most pricey cold weapons in CS:GO. This Emerald Bayonet is another example: it will become a valuable addition to any collection. The value of Doppler cold weapons is based upon their rarity, namely the importance of the pattern index. Their drop probability is pretty low, and the lack of supply always pushes the price upwards.

Butterfly Knife Doppler Ruby – about $8.1k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 8

Let’s add a bit more to the variety of colors. Not only Emerald and Sapphire knives belong to the elite tier, there are Ruby ones as well. Various shades of red create a spectacular texture, which will become a true gem of any collection. This particular knife has one more advantage: many players find its animations much more impressive, than ones of Karambit or Bayonet. If you want to play and win with style, showcasing your mastery, this may be the weapon of your choice.

Karambit Doppler Ruby – about $7.6k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 9

Here is another red blade for you. The impeccable textured blade costs a bit less than the previous one due the difference in dynamic looks mentioned above. Here the look and feel of the weapon are a bit more simplistic, than with a Butterfly knife, which lies in hands almost perfectly. It is also worth mentioning here, that M9 Bayonet Doppler Ruby usually is sold for even lower price, because it presents the simplest animation of all three.

Talon Knife Doppler Sapphire – about $7,1k

The Most Expensive Knives in CS:GO 10

In the lower part of our rating presenting the most expensive knives in CS:GO, we at least see a new weapon design. It is called Talon due to its curved blade. It differs from the Karambit through the design of the handle, which has a lighter color and creates an impressive contrast with the texture of the blade.

The Price Ranges for Knives

The list can be expanded further, mostly with varying combinations of designs and textures with rare pattern indexes. For example, the collectors may shell out several thousand bucks for M9 Bayonet Black Pearl or Doppler Sapphire. Note, that in most cases we talk about the Factory New versions here. If you have nothing against obtaining variations with higher floats, such as Battle Scarred, you can find them much cheaper. (It will probably still account for several thousands). 

For example, you have a chance to acquire a notorious Karambit Case Hardened for about $1000 – nothing close to the 1.4 million (the cost of the most famous and unique version). Naturally, the texture will be not that vivid and marked with scratches, but you still have a famous blade in your collection, which is cool by itself.

Other Notorious Knives in CS:GO

Although the top is almost fully taken by multiple variations of designs with Doppler, Gamma Doppler or Case Hardened textures. Naturally, there is much more variety among the most expensive knives in CS:GO. Here are several more options in case you are in search of a good investment and are ready to spend several thousand dollars to buy a blade with a cool design in CS2.

  • Butterfly Knife with a Crimson Web pattern has a dark red blade covered with a spiderweb pattern. It creates a unique look, as the placement of the pattern depends on the index.

  • Butterfly Knife with the Lore pattern was inspired by the well known AWP Dragon Lore design. The blade is decorated with a knotted geometrical pattern reminiscent of Nordic mythology. The same is true for M9 Bayonet Lore.

  • M9 Bayonet Crimson Web is another example of the premium blade with the spider web design, which looks pretty nice on the straight blade. Another advantage of the Crimson web pattern is the fact that there is a whole collection of various weapons with this design, so you can gather a well-styled inventory.

Butterfly Fade is another design which deserves being mentioned as the top list. The supply is not that low, as with the top-tier items, while the pattern index offers a good variety.

There are many other pattern combinations which are valuable as of now or which price will rise in the future. Whether you are viewing buying weapons in CS2 as an investment or are looking for ways to show off your collection and impress other players, among the multitude of variations you can always find ones that suit your taste and preferences, and at Skin.Land you may obtain it for an appealing price.

Investing in CS2 Knives

In conclusion, here is some advice for those who perceive obtaining the most expensive knives in CS:GO as an investment. Most of the blades slowly go up in price, so by obtaining some of them and simply waiting out you can gain a significant profit. The market of the rarest items has it specifics to consider:

  • When you want to sell, it may take some time to find a buyer. It is always easier to sell an in-game item through a third-party service, such as Skn.Land, but to conclude a deal privately with another collector, it will require time and a lot of precautions.

  • Do not make high-priced CS2 knives the sole means of your investment. Buy other items and combine long-term and short-term positions to ensure profit.

  • Keep your eye on the CS2 news, such as release dates for upcoming updates, new cases and operations. New releases, as well as major esports events, often disturb the market for a short while and can change the balance or prices.

Armed with this advice, you will easily find the best offers and use price dynamics to your advantage. There are many branches of skin trading in CS:GO, and among them trading knives can be considered elite. If you have enough resources to enter this market, you have a chance not only to gain some profit, but also to become a renowned collector. And if you do not plan to spend a small fortune on an in-game item, there are many other options which look almost equally as nice.

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