Skins in Counter-Strike are not only a way to add variety to your game, but also a source of profit, especially if you know what are the best CS:GO skins to invest in. The way players perceive their skin collections is unique to each individual. While some may not give much thought to collecting in-game items and are content with occasional random drops, others may opt for a particular color or theme to build their inventory around. There are also those who want to turn their passion for CS:GO into a profitable venture and are successful at it. To earn money from buying and selling skins, it's essential to be able to predict how prices will fluctuate. In this article, we'll provide you with some general recommendations on this matter and share a list of skins that could be considered a good investment.

How to start?

The basic rules of choosing the best skins to invest in CS:GO are similar to the investment in other markets. You should define whether you are more interested in short-term or long-term profits, and act accordingly. It will also be very useful for you to monitor information about skins and their prices. For this purpose, you can use various sources: 

  • Information from Steam Community Market

  • Liquipedia – a wiki-like encyclopedia, which describes everything related to CS:GO 

  • Various databases, where you can quickly look up skins and their price trends 

  • Trading websites, which often also collect detailed information about in-game items. 

Don’t forget that your investment opportunities aren’t limited to skins for the various guns. Knives, gloves, and stickers also belong to the pool of the best CS:GO skins to invest in. Buying in-game items for CS:GO can be perceived as a promising investment opportunity. The game has existed for more than 10 years, and the numbers of players continue to rise, consequently, the market remains pretty active. 

After gathering information about the current trends and valuable skins, you will have to choose what payment method you prefer, because there are various ways to buy and sell skins. 

Where to trade?

What CS:GO skins are a good investment? 1

There is one more question you should ask yourself: at what scale do you want to earn and for what purpose? If your goal is just to get some additional money to buy games on Steam, using Steam Community Market will be enough. If you buy and sell skins this way, the money you earn will remain on your Skin Wallet and can be used only to purchase games or in-game items. 

However, If you're looking to turn your CS:GO skins into cash, using third-party websites like Skin.Land can be a reliable option. While it is possible to find good deals through CS:GO communities on forums and social media, this approach can be more precarious. Keep in mind that prices may differ between these different avenues for buying and selling skins, so it's important to do your research and plan your purchases carefully.

What factors affect skin prices?

To determine what CS:GO skins are good to invest in, you need to understand what factors affect their price. This way, you will be able to predict how their cost may change in the future. In an ideal case, you buy some relatively cheap skin, which becomes popular over time and consequently brings you huge profits, if you wait long enough. Here are the most important factors to consider, when you choose, what skins to buy: 

  • How big is the supply of the item on the market? Rarer items, such as knives with valued pattern-index, or other skins that drop only rarely, will go up in price, as there are more players wanting to buy than actual instances of an item. 

  • How popular is the item? If an object is old and rare, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will become more expensive. There are lots of skins that no one cares about, be they rare or not. For example, “The Office Collection” contains several skins that are sold and bought for a good price, but they hardly will rise in price in the nearest future.

  • How fast do you want to get your profits? Sometimes you aim to find out, CS:GO skins that will go up in price in the nearest future, to return your investment quickly. If you're looking for an optimal strategy for investing in CS:GO skins, sometimes the best approach is to exercise patience and wait months or even years to make a profit. It's important to calculate your expected profit beforehand to determine whether the investment is worth the wait.

How to invest in CS:GO cases?

Starting your investment journey doesn't necessarily mean you have to hunt for rare skins right away. One of the easiest ways to begin investing is by purchasing CS:GO cases. This is because older cases have a limited supply, causing their value to steadily rise over time. The key is to find a case that belongs to the rare pool and has a higher probability of dropping especially valuable items. Here are a few examples of cases that serve as a solid foundation for a good investment:

  • Chroma 3 case (about $2) can contain a Karambit knife with a Doppler Sapphire pattern. 

  • Spectrum 2 (also about $2) can be bought due for a similar reason, and here the most valuable item will be Butterfly Knife with a Doppler pattern. 

  • Prism Case (about $0.80) is known for its Talon Knives with various Doppler patterns. 

  • Danger Zone (also about $0.80 on the market) gives an opportunity to obtain a Crimson Web Talon knife. 

The cases are really cheap and cost mere cents, but you can profit from them in two ways. First, they belong to the CS:GO items which will go up in price with time. So, if you buy a bunch of them and wait patiently, you will eventually be paid off. On the other hand, you can play the game of luck and try to open the cases for yourself, hoping to get valuable items, such as the above-mentioned knives, that will pay off your investment. We would advise you to go for a safer option, as the chances to get a knife from one of the cases are not that high. 

You should also stay on top of things when new cases or operations are released. New items immediately appear on the market and can influence prices or disrupt trends. For example, the new Revolution Case contains M4A4 Temukau which is currently on the rise by itself and will influence the price of Akihabara Accept, because the latter has a similar design. 

What are good skins to start investing in?

Remember, that you don’t have to invest big sums of money. There are plenty of skins that will cost below 100 dollars or even below 10, and still can become a good start for your investment. ‘

What CS:GO skins are a good investment? 2

MP9 Mount Fuji is the skin, which shows the biggest increase in price last year. It was sold for 2-4 dollars in the autumn of 2021, but now the Factory New version costs about 8 bucks and continues to rise. The same dynamics are true for the StatTrak version, which recently surpassed 15 dollars. So, while you wouldn’t call this skin expensive, you can buy several instances of it with a good chance of profiting from such a purchase in 2023. 

What CS:GO skins are a good investment? 3

Another good example of skin on the rise is M4A4 Cyber Security. Its price dropped slightly in January but otherwise shows a steady rise from the previous year. Whatever float value it has, the price was steadily growing in 2022 and will continue to do so. As of 2023, it can be found for about $16 - $50 depending on the float, this skin decorated with bright stripes definitely caught the attention of many players. The price of a Factory New variant peaked in December 2023,m then declined a bit, but all versions of this skin still have a good potential for growth. 

What CS:GO skins are a good investment? 4

One more gun which can be a potentially good investment is M4A4 The Coalition, with a high variance in price form $11 for BS version up to more than $400 for FN. This design of the gun, combining black and copper, is relatively new: it was added to the game in 2021 as a part of the Train Collection. 

What CS:GO skins are a good investment? 5 Sometimes the good choice is not to chase more expensive CS:GO skins, which will increase in price, worth tens or hundreds of dollars, but to buy a lot of cheaper ones. If you know that they are on the rise, you have a good chance to profit from them. For example, look at the XM1014 Watchdog, Tec-9 Safety Net, or P2000 Space Race skins. Both are worth about a dollar or less, depending on the condition, but over the year 2022 their price grew more than twice and the trend continues in January. Buying even many instances of the item will not require a significant sum of money to buy but wait for several months and you will be able to resell them with profit. This is especially true if you are only starting to invest in CS:GO skins and want to test it out to see how it goes. 

What CS:GO skins are a good investment? 6

Important principles of investing in CS:GO skins

Now you know, how to find out CS:GO items, that will increase in price, but in conclusion, it is good to remember the general advice of investment, that applies to the skin market as well: 

  • Determine how much you want to invest, and be prepared to lose that money. It is always pleasant to win, but the market can change unpredictably. 

  • Diversify your investment by purchasing various types of items and combining long-term and short-term goals.  

  • Don’t make hurried decisions when the price changes slightly. Often the wise way is to wait a bit to see the trend and don’t rush to buy or sell immediately. 

  • Be sure to conclude all investment decisions with a cold head. Sometimes the skin dips in price, but instead of selling you need just to wait it out. 

By following these principles, you increase your chance of succeeding and turning your passion for CS:GO skins into a reliable source of profit.

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