Bunny hopping, or "bhopping," is a technique that represents the essence of speed and agility in CS:GO and has captivated players in for its blend of skill. Mastering the art of bhopping allows players to intersect the map with incredible speed by chaining together consecutive jumps. In this article, we will explore the commands, scripts, and binds that make it possible for players to achieve this fluid movement. Whether you are an experienced player looking to refine your bhopping skills or a newcomer eager to learn, you  are going to find some useful recommendations in this article.

Bunny Hopping In CS:GO/CS2 1

What is Bunny Hopping?

As it was mentioned before, bunny hopping, often referred to as "bhopping," is a movement technique that originated in early first-person shooter games and has since become a major of the genre, including in CS:GO and CS2.

In a general sense, bunny hopping involves consecutively jumping in a manner that allows the player to keep or increase their speed while intersecting the game world. By timing jumps with precision and taking advantage of movement mechanics, players can achieve a smooth and continuous motion akin to hopping like a bunny, thus the name is derived from this natural phenomenon.

In CS:GO and CS2, bunny hopping is a skillful maneuver used to navigate the map swiftly and dodge enemy fire with finesse. Gamers perform a series of perfectly timed jumps to gain momentum and move themselves forward at remarkable speeds. Mastering bunny hopping in CS:GO and CS2 requires a deep understanding of movement mechanics, precise timing, and practice to chain jumps seamlessly and maintain momentum throughout the map. It does not matter, whether used for rapid rotations, surprise flanks, or simply showcasing agility, bunny hopping adds a dimension to gameplay in CS:GO and CS2, elevating the skill ceiling and rewarding players with a thrilling sense of speed and control.

How To Bunnyhop In CS:GO/CS2?

Mastering bunnyhopping in CS:GO/CS2 is possible only with precise timing, coordination, and an understanding of movement mechanics. Here's how it can be accomplished:

Timing is Key:

Bunnyhopping involves executing jumps in rapid succession while maintaining momentum. Each jump must be timed perfectly to avoid losing speed or interrupting the flow of movement.

Strafing and Air Control:

To bunnyhop efficiently, players must utilize strafing techniques to control their movement in the air. By strafing left or right while jumping, players can manipulate their trajectory and maintain forward momentum.

Perfection Comes with Practice:

Bunnyhopping is a skill that requires practice and patience to master. Players should spend time improving their timing and movement mechanics in offline practice modes or dedicated bunnyhop servers.

Bunny Hopping In CS:GO/CS2 2

Scripting and Binds:

Some players choose to use scripts or binds to assist with bunnyhopping. These scripts automate the jump timing to make bhopping more consistent. However, it's important to note that using scripts or binds may not be allowed in certain competitive environments.

Benefits of Bunnyhopping:

Bunnyhopping can provide several advantages in CS:GO or CS2. It allows players to move around the map more quickly, making rotations and flanks faster and more unpredictable. Additionally, bunnyhopping can be used to evade enemy fire and gain positional advantages during engagements.

CS:GO/CS2 Bhop Commands

In CS:GO and CS2, there are several commands related to bunnyhopping that players can use to improve their bhopping experience. Let's have a look on basic bhopping commands and how to enter them:

auto bhop Command:

The "auto bhop" command, also known as "auto bunnyhop," is a console command that automates the bunnyhopping process. When enabled, this command allows players to consistently chain jumps without needing to time them manually.

To enable auto bhop in CS:GO/CS2, open the console and type the following command:


  • Press Enter to activate the command and enable automatic bunnyhopping;

  • To disable auto bhop, simply type the command again:


Bind Command:

Players can bind the auto bhop command to a specific key for quick and easy access during gameplay. 

To bind auto bhop to a key (for example, the spacebar), use the following command:

bind space +auto_bhop

Now, pressing the spacebar will toggle auto bhop on and off, allowing players to activate it whenever needed.

Adjusting Settings:

Players can customize the auto bhop command settings to suit their preferences and playstyle.

Experiment with different sensitivity levels, jump heights, and jump timing settings to find the configuration that works best for you. Some servers and competitive environments may have restrictions or limitations on the use of auto bhop commands, so be sure to check the rules before using them.

CS:GO/CS2 Bhop Script

In CS:GO and CS2, bunnyhopping can be a complicated technique to master due to its reliance on precise timing and coordination. To assist with executing consecutive jumps more consistently, some players prefer to use bunnyhop scripts. Let us have a look why a script may be needed and an example of how it works:

Why Use a Script?

Bunnyhop scripts automate the jumping process, making it possible for players to chain jumps more consistently without needing to time them manually. While using a script may simplify the bunnyhopping process, it's important to note that some servers and competitive environments may have restrictions or limitations on the use of scripts.

Bunny Hopping In CS:GO/CS2 3

Example of a Bunnyhop Script:

Below is an example of a basic bunnyhop script that players can use in CS:GO/CS2:

alias +bhop "cl_showpos 1;+jump;alias checkbh "cl_showpos 0""

alias -bhop "-jump;alias checkbh "cl_showpos 0""

bind space +bhop

This script binds the spacebar to execute the bunnyhop command. When the spacebar is pressed, the script activates the +bhop alias, which initiates the jump command and displays the player's position on the screen. Upon releasing the spacebar, the -bhop alias deactivates the jump command.

Players can customize this script by adjusting parameters such as jump timing, sensitivity, and other settings to suit their preferences.

CS:GO/CS2 Bhop Bind

Binding the bunnyhop function to a particular key in CS:GO/CS2 can simplify the bunnyhopping process, making it easier to perform consecutive jumps with precision. To bind this function and improve your bunnyhopping experience it is essential to take following steps:

Using the bind Command:

To bind the bunnyhop function to a key, open the console in CS:GO/CS2 by pressing the tilde key (`) and enter the following command:

bind <key> +jump

Replace <key> with the desired key you would use for bunnyhopping. For instance, to bind bunnyhopping to the spacebar, use:

bind space +jump

Executing Consecutive Jumps:

Once you've bound the bunnyhop function to a key, simply press and hold the designated key to realize consecutive jumps.

Customizing Your Bind:

Players can customize their bunnyhop bind further by adjusting jump timing and sensitivity settings to suit their preferences.

We recommend trying out various key bindings and settings to find the configuration that works best for you.

For More Information:

For a detailed guide on how to bind to jump in CS2 you can read an informative article How To Bind To Jump In CS2.

Experiment with different bindings and practice your timing to master the art of bunnyhopping and get a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

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