CS:GO knives can be expensive. The price for the cheapest csgo knife usually starts at $100. It's because certain items, especially edged weapons, cannot be crafted. Additionally, blades are infrequently obtained from cases. Their exclusivity contributes to their high price.

Today, we'll talk about affordable CS:GO knives and where to get them most advantageously. Realize that even such a luxury is attainable for an average player. Read about CS:GO knife market trends in the article.

Types Of Affordable Knives

In 2023, types of blades are considered budget-friendly knife skins. These models are field-tested and well-worn at a reasonable price. Edges of this kind may not have a stunning appearance, but they are still noteworthy. We've compiled the best melee armor for their cost. If getting a cold arm into your arsenal is a main goal, then this list is for you.

Bowie Knife

This kind is modeled after a real prototype, Altor Oso Negro from Spain. It was introduced to the game with the "Danger Zone" operation on February 17, 2019. Bowie remains popular due to its affordable pricing. The distinctive features are limited to the size and unusual shape of the Bowie. Perhaps players appreciate it precisely for these qualities.

Cheapest CS:GO Knife 1

Shadow Daggers

The only pair of daggers in the game, making them recognizable and a worthy competitor to the Karambit. Shadow Daggers resemble knuckle dusters with two blades. It has knife skin aesthetics, a unique animation, and despite the quantity, it does not affect attack speed or damage per unit of time. Despite all the positive aspects, Shadow Daggers are still found at an acceptable rate.

Cheapest CS:GO Knife 2

Navaja Knife

This is the cheapest csgo knife. It appeared in August 2018 with the Horizon case. It is a folding type of armor, featuring an interesting sticky animation valued in the community. The pointed blade has a unique handle and an oddly shaped edge, attracting users. It maintains a pleasant rate, making it accessible to every player.

Cheapest CS:GO Knife 3

Ursus Knife

Urus is not the most popular thing from the "Horizon" case, but Ursus boasts a rare animation — during the switch, the character tosses and rotates it during inspection. This close combat melee weapon is disposable, and a good appearance obtained for a small cost.

Cheapest CS:GO Knife 4

Falchion Knife

Modeled after the Espada Large, Falchion is similar to Navaja but more vibrant. The coloring of this Falchion makes it the most expensive on the list. Finding a decent shell for less than $100 is still possible. Falchion delights the owner with a pleasant design and a cool color scheme.

Cheapest CS:GO Knife 5

Gut Knife

Unlike the examples above, this appearance does not have any special features, but it is the cheapest csgo knife. Its design may be subjective, but in well-worn facilities, specimens are found for less than $100. This affordability makes this type of armament the best for some players.

Cheapest CS:GO Knife 6

These are all the most affordable melee armaments. Rates are too high. For instance, the cheapest butterfly knife csgo 2 may be over $15,000. Finding low-cost CS:GO knife options is challenging, but Skin.Land will help you buy it at the advantageous cost.

Most Budget-Friendly Skins

Cold steel in Counter-Strike has become a kind of benchmark for the social status of its owner. While a decent exterior for an AK-47 or M4A1 is 6-8 USD, an edge requires an investment of almost 100 dollars. To stand out among teammates, it's enough to own an obtainable armor and not bother with external appearance for other armors.

Cost-effective knife options in 2023 include the Navaja in "Battle-Scarred" or "Well-Worn". The textures could be blurry, with scratches, but it's disposable:

  • The most inexpensive csgo knife skins for the Navaja is Safari Mesh. It is available in "Battle-Scarred" with a minimum rate of 50 USD.

  • Number two on the list of the inexpensive shells for cold arm is Forest DDPAT.

  • The Urban Masked coloring in "Well-Worn" condition is also available to the average gamer.

Butterfly and Karambit are popular, so the price for good coloring for them starts from 280 to 350 USD. It's worth considering the bayonet -is the best cheap knife. Like the butterfly, it falls into the category of folding edges, is stylishly drawn from the ammunition, and developers have created cool animations for it. With a modest budget, you can consider options for acquiring the following kinds for bayonets:

  • Scorched in "Battle-Scarred" condition;

  • Forest DDPAT for 65 USD in "Well-Worn" condition.

  • Safari Mesh. It is currently the inexpensive bayonet, equipped with StatTrak and available in "Battle-Scarred" condition for 61 USD.

These shells are available on the Skin.Land selling platform right now. There is a large knife selection with pleasant prices. Also, our platform has no hidden fees. With our website, you can purchase the necessary things or withdraw money instantly.

What Cool Blades To Buy On A Budget

We've looked into the most approachable options.  It's essential to understand that quality may be compromised due to the low rate. Sometimes it's better to add a bit more money and get a cool thing more expensive. Now you'll learn about the coolest coloring admired by many gamers, with their main advantage being the economical rate.

To begin with, let's understand what determines the quote of an item in the game. The table below outlines all the factors crucial for pricing. The best indicators are at the bottom:


Wear variations


Consumer Grade (White)

Industrial Grade (Light blue)

Mil-Spec (Blue)

Restricted (Purple)

Classified (Pink)

Covert (Red)

Contraband (Orange)

Extraordinary (Gold)




Minimal Wear

Factory new

0.01 – 0.07 (FN);

0.07 – 0.15 (MW);

0.15 – 0.38 (FT);

0.38 – 0.45 (WW);

0.45 – 1.00 (BS).

It becomes clear that in Battle-Scarred and Well-worn conditions, you can buy a decent kind for a reasonable amount. For example:

  • Navaja | Blood Web

  • Shadow Daggers | Slaughter

  • Gut Knife | Freehand

  • Bowie | Damascus Steel

These are the best csgo cheap knives. They look incredibly stylish and expensive despite their low cost. Play proudly with it and show off to your teammates. If you're lucky enough to find such a weapon at a favorable quote, buy it without hesitation. Besides its external beauty, such an edged weapon is also an investment.

Is it worth investing in cheap knives?

CS:GO 2 features quite expensive weapons that enjoy high demand. Providing a definitive answer to whether it's worth investing in cold steel is challenging. It represents a promising branch for in-game selling.

When people hear "auction" or "trading," they envision an expensive subject. We believe that even the low in-game items could yield profits in the long run, especially cold arms, which always have a demand. It's a popular choice, and everyone wants to have at least a basic blade in their inventory. Investment options encompass various kinds, including those of lower quality.

Understanding CS:GO 2 market trends allows you to stay ahead. It's crucial to grasp the intricacies of in-game trading, be aware of certain selling rules, and find a suitable trading platform. This is vital since a trader's income is influenced by the platform. It's important for the website to have a large user base, be reputable, and offer a wide range of items. Of course, favorable facilities for both sellers and buyers are essential.

By following these principles, you can regularly generate passive income by selling coloring for knives. While any form of trading involves risks and requires years of experience, it's never too late to start earning passive income.

Where is the best place to buy and sell in-game items

Among the well-known websites, Steam stands out. This platform comes with numerous limitations, which cannot be considered an advantage. We recommend traders and gamers to utilize Skin.Land. It offers several advantages over other platforms. These include instant payouts to any payment system or card, a user-friendly interface that attracts users and easy searching through convenient website navigation. All transactions are transparent. Skin.Land has no hidden commissions or other ways of withholding customer funds. Additionally, the site offers 24/7 customer support, where operators promptly assist with issues and provide accurate information. Use Skin.Land for buying cheap knives and for selling. It's  convenient and secure. We recommend Skin.Land to all gamers.

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