CS2 Weekly Care Package is a system allowing gamers to acquire regular random drops. It restarts weekly, and currently the beginning of the period is set to Tuesday. The countdown for the Weekly Care Package begins at 8.00 PM CT every Thursday, signifying as of this point you begin working towards the next batch of rewards.

CS2 Weekly Care Package Reset Date & Time 1

What is the CS2 Weekly Care Package Drop?

CS2 Weekly Care Package is a reward system that was introduced after the transition from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2. Everyone with Prime access has an ongoing access to those rewards as well.

Every week, players who meet the requirements will receive four randomly chosen items. They then have the opportunity to select two of these items to keep in their inventory. This revamped system maintains the element of randomness in rewards, yet empowers players with agency to prefer two items that best suit their in-game needs.  It replaced the old option, when players obtained sporadic rewards distributed following matches.

How to Get the Weekly Care Package?

To get the CS2 Weekly Care Package, you need to satisfy two conditions. The first one was already mentioned above – to be a Prime user. The second one is to reach a new XP rank. Once you've made your selections, you'll receive them if you haven't already obtained one this week. After unlocking its contents, you'll need to patiently await the reset time before your next Care Package arrives.

CS2 Weekly Care Package Reset Date & Time 2

The variety of items in the package is wide. There are lots of skins, cases, graffiti and stickers to obtain. The chances are determined by pure luck, and sometimes players even get two skins at once, but such occurrences are rare. In any case, it incentivizes players to return to CS2 regularly and do at least several matches every week to up their rank and hope for a valuable drop.

Acquiring the standard weekly bonus for your CS2 account is pretty simple. Once you attain the needed XP level, a pop-up announcing the Package will appear. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Store tab in-game to check for the reward.

Should a reward be up for grabs, simply open its page and pick the two items you desire to claim. Then, hit the green "Claim Rewards" button to transfer your desired items to your account.

CS2 Weekly Care Package not Working – Potential Reasons

If the CS2 Weekly Care Package does not work for some reason, so you don’t get a random drop when you expect one, there are several things you may check to resolve the problem.

  • Head over to the store page and check out the rewards section to confirm that you haven't already claimed them this week. Keep in mind that drops are distributed only once per week..

  • Check if you possess enough XP and level up your rank. Visit your profile page in-game. Hover your cursor over your current rank to check the amount of XP points separating you from the next. 

  • Check if you have Prime access.

  • Visit the Community forums of CS2 on Steam, Reddit or other resources. If some bug has occurred, there will likely be some reports about it.

  • Log out of the game, relaunch it and then login again. This clears up the memory and often resolves minor issues.

  • If you are sure that the Care Package is not dropping due to some bug, report it to the developers so they can fix it promptly.

There were several known cases, when the drops weren’t activated despite players meeting XP items. In most cases, it happened in the first weeks after the release of the function, and currently these bugs are mostly fixed.

CS2 Weekly Care Package Reset Date & Time 3

The rewards are typically not very valuable on their own, but there's always that slim chance of landing a valuable skin. After getting a rare drop, many players want to exchange a skin for real money. By using Skin.Land for this purpose, you will get an appealing price for your item, along with the opportunity to use the most convenient payment method, from crypto to PayPal.

Many gamers find Weekly Care Packages to be a step up from the old drop system. They appreciate the convenience of having a choice between different items, making their gaming experience more enjoyable and flexible, instead of distributing one to a player. Thanks to this functionality, players are able to slowly grow their inventory even if they do not want to spend money on buying in-game items. But if you do not want to rely on pure luck waiting for a particular skin to show up, check our catalog, as Skin.Land offers a variety of skins in all price ranges and styles.

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