If you gather your collection of CS:GO skins not only to add visual diversity to your game but also to earn some money by reselling them, it is useful to know, what CS:GO skins are increasing in price. By keeping eye on the stats, you will find out the best opportunities for purchases that may bring you some profit in the future. Moreover, you should have an understanding of the factors that affect skins' prices, to be able to predict the changes in the market and choose the right time for purchase. 

Why do skins become more expensive?

There are several reasons why the price of an in-game item may go up, and you need to know them to quickly identify skins, which appear the most lucrative. So, let’s describe what causes skins to go up in price. 

The market of CS:GO skins is subject to the same laws, as any other market in the real-life economy. Which CS:GO skins will go up in price, is determined by the balance of supply in demand. Consequently, if many people want to buy some item that exists only in limited amounts its price will go up. If there are more instances of an item, than players willing to acquire it, the price will stay the same or drop. 

The player base of CS:GO has grown exponentially over the past few years, and the game continues to attract new players. Despite being more than a decade old, it still manages to maintain its relevance and popularity. The game's peak online players were approximately 50,000 in the early years, but in recent times, the recorded number of players online has exceeded 1 million. With such a massive player base, it's no surprise that many players are looking to upgrade their collections by buying rare skins that are hard to come by.

For example, the Operation Bravo case still drops in the game, albeit it can be encountered very rarely. There are less than 1000 such cases on theSteam Community Market. Consequently, it is no wonder, the case itself and the skins contained in it aren’t cheap. 

How does the rarity affect price?

What CS:GO skins will go up in price? 1

The probability of a particular skin being acquired is one of the main factors that influences, which CS:GO skins are going up in price.  The Desert Eagle Printstream or the AK-47 Legion of Anubis; both saw a significant drop in price in 2022. The reason is the abundance of Fracture cases, which makes even the rarest skins easy to obtain. As a result, the supply outweighs the demand, causing prices to decrease. When a skin can be easily acquired, no scarcity will drive the price up.

On the other hand, some skins have a limited supply due to their exclusivity, making them highly sought after by collectors. Look at the AWP Gungnir from The Norse collection, which was only available during the Shattered Web operation. Since the operation has ended, the most obvious way to obtain it is no longer available. While it can be created through Trade Up contracts, the required components are valuable, so not many collectors are willing to take the risk for a small chance. As a result, there are only slightly more than 3,300 instances available for purchase. The AWP Gungnir boasts an exceptional design, which is adored by players, causing demand to exceed supply, thereby driving up its price.

What other factors are important?

But rarity is not the sole factor you should keep in mind. Another factor, that determines, which CS:GO skins prices are going up, is their popularity. It is subjective and depends not only on skin design but also on community preferences which change with time. Sometimes a skin goes up in popularity after some pro players use it during the big match, or it otherwise gets featured in some stream or review and draws attention. 

Let's take a closer look at the Operation Bravo case mentioned above, which includes two Covert and three Classified skins. However, their rarity is not the only factor defining their price. Popularity plays a bigger role. If their cost was determined solely by rarity, then the cheapest skins would be the Classified ones. However, in reality, the Desert Eagle Golden Koi is the cheapest, despite being Covert. Why does this happen? The three Classified skins in this case have an additional factor that affects their price: they are used to craft the AK-47 Fire Serpent via Trade Up contracts. As a result, these skins are valued not only for their intrinsic value, but also as a means to obtain the more valuable and iconic weapon, and this drives their price up.

What skins will go up in price?

Now, let’s start with practical examples. Here are some examples of CS:GO skins with a price increase, which can be advised to buy at the beginning of 2023. These items have gained some value recently, and with a high probability, the trend will continue. Some of them are currently on the rise, and some belong to the eternal classics, which will remain in demand in 2023 in beyond, so you will always find a chance to sell them for a good price. 

Karambit Vanilla - about $1500 - 1700

The minimum price of this skin remained around one thousand dollars in February 2023, which shows some rising even from the beginning of the year. There are small drops in the price here and there, but the knife remains popular among players, which means, that the stable demand will drive the price up. 

AK-47 Case Hardened - up to $120 000 depending on the pattern

What CS:GO skins will go up in price? 2

AK-47 Case Hardened is a prime example of a skin with a consistent increase in price. While peak values can reach 800-900 dollars, even during periods of lower median prices, the trend is always upward. This means that there is still a chance to seize a valuable opportunity and acquire this promising asset. Whether you are a collector or an investor, AK-47 Case Hardened is an excellent choice for those looking for a safe and reliable investment in the world of CS:GO skins.

AK-47 Gold Arabesque - up to $17 000

What CS:GO skins will go up in price? 3

AK-47 Gold Arabesque is considered a must-have by many players due to its remarkable design. It makes your weapon appear to be made of gold, so, if it’s your way to show off, this item is right for you. The skin belongs to the Dust 2 collection. The price is heavily influenced by the float value because the design of the item makes marks and scratches very visible. The rarity, demand (especially for low float versions), and design will continue to drive its price up, with a cost up to 17 thousand dollars for a FN Souvenir version. Despite the fact that it’s already pretty expensive, if you can afford it, it could turn out to be a valuable investment, because it definitely belongs to the list of skins which will go up in price. 

AWP Desert Hydra - about $4000 - 7000

What CS:GO skins will go up in price? 4

Our previous articles have already mentioned several valuable AWP skins, but one that stands out is the AWP Desert Hydra from the Mirage Collection, released in 2021. This Covert skin features intricate, brightly colored snake imagery on the gun's body, making it easily identifiable even from a distance. Its rarity and unique design have made it a highly sought-after skin among collectors and players alike, with a cost of a FN Souvenir version surpassing $7000.

M4A4 Poseidon- up to $2000

What CS:GO skins will go up in price? 5

The skins for M4A4 have a high chance of going up in price due to the recent shifts in the CS:GO meta. Here is one particular example of the skin you would like to own: M4A4 Poseidon from The Gods and Monsters Collection. Depending on the condition, its price can surpass one hundred dollars. If you want to invest in an in-game item, which will preserve its value over time and become even more expensive, this is your choice. This skin, painted in various shades of blue and green, belongs to a Classified category, but most players prefer not to rely on luck and buy it directly for a cost about 2 thousand dollars for a FN instance.

AUG Flame Jormungandr - about $300 for Factory New

What CS:GO skins will go up in price? 6

Many players consider AUG Flame Jormungandr one of the best-looking skins for this gun. The body of the weapon is covered with yellow, red, and orange patterns, and the contrasting colors highlight the shape of the gun and make it easily recognizable. Moreover, it belongs to the Norse collection, which limits its supply on the market and will drive the price higher with time. For example, the cost of a FN version rose from about $200 to $300 since the beginning of 2023, with a peak value surpassing $400.  

What cases are profitable?

Talking about CS:GO skins going up in price, we cannot avoid mentioning not only particular skins but also some cases, which are valued by players thanks to rarity and the possibility of valuable drops. Here are some cases which are a good investment: 

  • Operation Breakout. While this case is relatively cheap, it is traded a lot. You can buy and sell it in large quantities to scale your profits. Its price changes often, which allows you to choose the right moment for purchasing it and then selling it for a higher price. This case is a good opportunity for fast short-term trading. Sometimes the price can change from about 3 dollars to about 4.5 dollars in a short period of time, so catch this moment and sell more expensive than you have bought. It sounds simple, but it works. 

  • CS:GO Weapon Case. The price remained relatively low for a long time but started to go up in the middle of 2022. Then it stopped rising in January and slightly declined, so there is a right moment to buy. After such a long period of growth, the price probably won’t remain at the current level of about $100, so you will have a good opportunity to sell these cases later. 

  • Operation Wildfire is a case, in which the price went up nearly two times in the past six months. Similar to Operation Breakout, the case is cheap (currently about $2) and has a fluctuating cost, so here is another opportunity for fast trading. 

The items listed above are just a few examples of CS GO skins that are going up in price. There are many other trade opportunities you can use to your advantage. Just keep an eye on the market trends and monitor gaming news to notice the factors which may affect prices. It will also be a good idea to frequent the official Steam Market and database websites, which collect information about price dynamics. By analyzing the prices you will be able to benefit from your skins collection and turn it into a source of income.

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