In the universe of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) every player is familiar with the significance of their arsenal. Despite the fact that guns take the limelight in the majority of firefights, the humble knife has its own strategic importance. From its fast and silent eliminations to its role in last-ditch defusing efforts, the knife is not only close-in fighting weaponry; it's a tool for precise attack and stealth.

Nevertheless, there are some cases where you might need to give or drop your knife, whether for tactical reasons or simply to assist a teammate in need. Further we are going to explore the essential commands for giving and dropping knives in CS:GO and why these commands are beneficial in diverse scenarios and what is their utility beyond the typical firefight.

To begin with, here are some reasons why you might need these commands:

Team Coordination

In the fast-paced world of CS:GO, teamwork is key to triumph. It happens that in some cases redistributing resources among playmates in the team becomes vital for optimal performance. Whether it's changing weapons mid-round or equipping a particular player with the best tool for the job, the ability to give and drop knives alleviates smooth coordination.

Economy Management

Counter-Strike is not only about personal skill; it's also about resource management. Effective allocation of resources can save or destroy a round. Taking into account that knives hold value in particular situations, it can be quite useful to be able to transfer them between players in the team without sacrificing precious time or risking exposure to the enemy. It could be even a game-changer in maintaining a favorable economy.

Strategic Flexibility

Every round represents a unique set of challenges, demanding players to adapt their strategies instantaneously. The option to give or drop knives adds another level of strategic depth. Whether it's sacrificing a knife for a better-equipped teammate or tactically leaving a knife behind as an act of catching enemy's attention, these commands empower players to improvise and respond validly to dynamic battlefield conditions.

Tactical Support

The knife isn't just a tool for close-quarters fight; it can also serve as an auxiliary item in certain situations. For instance, letting a knife go to a teammate in need of a distraction or using it to silently dispatch an unsuspecting enemy can turn the tide of a round. Having precise control over when and where knives are deployed can provide a crucial edge in outmaneuvering rivals.

CS:GO/CS2 Give Knife Commands

In both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and CS2, knife commands can be entered by using the developer console. The developer console can normally be accessed when you press the tilde key (~) during the game. When you are in-game and open the console, you can enter specific commands to perform different actions connected to knives, including giving and dropping them.

Let us have a look on some types of knives and command for them:

Default Knife

Give and Drop CS:GO/CS2 Knife Commands 1

Command: give weapon_knife

The default knife is the basic close-in fighting weapon available to all players in CS:GO. It has a moderate attack speed and damage output. 

Butterfly Knife

Give and Drop CS:GO/CS2 Knife Commands 2

Command: give weapon_knife_butterfly

The Butterfly Knife possesses a unique flipping animation, which makes it a popular choice among gamers because of its stylish exterior. 

Flip Knife:

Give and Drop CS:GO/CS2 Knife Commands 3

Command: give weapon_knife_flip

The Flip Knife can be highlighted for its specific flipping action when deployed, assuring both functionality and aesthetic attraction.

M9 Bayonet:

Give and Drop CS:GO/CS2 Knife Commands 4

Command: give weapon_knife_m9_bayonet

The M9 Bayonet is created based on the real-life bayonet used with the M16 rifle. It displays a smooth design and is favored by lots of gamers for its multifunctionality.

Classic Knife:

Give and Drop CS:GO/CS2 Knife Commands 5

Command: give weapon_knife_css

The Classic Knife, also known as the CSS Knife, can remind you of the knives represented in the earlier versions of Counter-Strike. Its perpetual design will attract players looking for a nostalgic touch.


Give and Drop CS:GO/CS2 Knife Commands 6

Command: give weapon_knife_karambit

The Karambit is inspired by the traditional Southeast Asian knife having the same name. Its bent blade and ergonomic handle make it a minion among both collectors and skilled practitioners.

By applying these commands, you can equip yourself or your teammates with their preferred knife skin, adding an individual touch to the gameplay experience in CS:GO.

CS2 Drop Knife Commands

If you do realize how to drop a knife with precision, you probably know that its effectiveness can be beneficial in diverse gameplay scenarios.

How to Drop a Knife in CS2:

Access Inventory: Start with accessing your inventory to view all available weapons and equipment.

Select Knife: Move along your inventory to select the knife you wish to drop. The knife is usually categorized alongside other close-in fighting weapons or within a dedicated slot.

Open Console: To start the drop command, open the developer console by pressing the designated key (commonly tilde key ~) while playing. The console makes the straight implementation of commands possible thus allowing them to execute specific actions.

Enter Drop Command: When you open the console, type the command to drop the knife. In CS2, the standard commands “sv_cheats 1” or “mp_drop_knife_enable 1”  activate the cheat function and makes it possible to drop knives.  Therefore, you would input drop followed by pressing the Enter key.

Verify Drop: After you enter the drop command, make sure that the knife has been successfully dropped from your inventory. You will be able to pick up the knife by yourself or by other players inside the game environment.

The procedure of dropping knives in CS2 can help gamers to optimize their loadout management, adjust to changing tactical situations, and enhance their overall performance on the virtual battlefield. 

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