If you aim to profit from selling your in-game items, knowing your CS:GO inventory value can be of immense benefit. This information provides you the estimation of how much your skins are worth and make a decision about selling some of them. Moreover, you have the ability to observe how the value of your inventory changes. As a result, you get valuable information on price changes and get better chances to guess the best moment to sell. 

The inventory prices are calculated in several different ways. The first one is to estimate the value of your inventory or of the account in total by using a Steam inventory value calculator. There are a multitude of specialized services, usually connected to databases or trading websites. Compare skin prices on various trading platforms  to choose the most profitable offer.

Whether you are curious about finding a CS:GO/CS2 inventory checker to maximize profit or just want another reason to boast in front of your friends, calculating your Steam inventory value is a good thing to know. Below we provide the description of several possible solutions. 

How Much My Steam Account Inventory Worth?

How Much is My CS:GO/CS2 Inventory Worth? 1

If you are curious to acquire information on how much is your Steam Account inventory worth, you will have to use a third-party service, because Steam doesn’t have any built-in tools to help with that. To avoid any resources besides the Steam itself, you will need to open your inventory and then check the prices and then add them up manually, which won’t be fast, especially if you have a rich inventory. 

The easiest way to obtain the basic data about your inventory value is to use a free website called Steam. Tools, namely, its Item Value Sorter. You can enter your own account name or one of any other player and see what items are in the corresponding inventory and what their value is. Within seconds it estimates the Steam item value based on the actual state of the market. The total steam inventory value is displayed alongside the full list of your possessions you can filter out by the game or sort by price. However, the data may be not accurate in some cases.

How Much is My CS:GO/CS2 Inventory Worth? 2

Note, that the method functions only, if you have your inventory set to be publicly visible. Otherwise, the third-party service will not be able to see into details of your account. However, such websites also have their benefits, as you do not need to log in with your Steam account, which saves your time and reduces risks simultaneously. 

How Much is My CS:GO/CS2 Inventory Worth? 3

Another popular resource which can determine what is your Steam account worth, is SteamDB. However, it works in a different way. Namely, it does not look into your inventory data but estimates the total value of your account based on the costs of the games you own.

CS:GO/CS2 Inventory Value Checker

If you are interested in the total value of your CS:GO/CS2 inventory not just out of curiosity, but you have plans to sell your items, the better option will be to use a steam inventory checker on the website you plan to sell them. The prices can vary from one service to another, and you need to get the most accurate information. Luckily, there is a CS:GO inventory calculator on the Skin.Land website.

How Much is My CS:GO/CS2 Inventory Worth? 4

 To find out, how much do your skins cost, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the website.

  2. Enter your trade-link in the appropriate field. The link may be located through your Steam app by opening the page called “Trade offers”.How Much is My CS:GO/CS2 Inventory Worth? 5

  3. You will see your inventory on the website. Each skin will be annotated with a price.

  4. Choose the skins to part with. 

  5. Choose a convenient payment method and sell the skins for real money.

You can also find the basics of using Steam inventory calculator in this video:

As you can see, a Steam inventory value calculator at the https://skin.land/sell-skins/csgo/ is convenient and straightforward to use. You do not need to perform any manual calculations or look up the prices on the market. You just get the price calculated for your items and then can sell them just from the same screen! Do not miss the chance to sell your skins for CS:GO/CS2 for an appealing price. 

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