Knowing how to defuse bombs in CS:GO 2 is one of the crucial elements of the gameplay. Defusing a bomb or preventing its planting is the main goal of the defending party. Consequently, to play the game successfully and climb up the ranking ladder you need to learn everything you can about this process, and then practice it in various circumstances and on different maps.

What Is Defusing The Bomb

How To Defuse Bomb in CS:GO 2 1

There are several ways to win in CS:GO 2 for both teams. Naturally, both counter-terrorists and terrorists can win, if they dispatch all five players of the opposing team. But often both sides do not manage to do this, and other scenarios come into play. Naturally, the T-side wins, when they manage to initiate the countdown and then it explodes. But after the planting, the CT-side still is able to win by disarming the explosive. Whether you play competitively or casually, knowing how to defuse the bomb in CS:GO 2 on PC is essential. Here are the basic steps to perform to achieve this goal and score the point.

  • On each map, there are several locations for planting the explosive. So, for the initial step you need to locate the explosive and coordinate the efforts of the teammates to reach this part of the map.

  • Then clear the area. It may not be possible to dispatch all T-side players defending it but beware of traps and ambushes when using the environment to your advantage. Smoke grenades and flashes will come in handy as well.

How To Defuse Bomb in CS:GO 2 2

  • When you reach the plant area, look at the bomb and press the action key. Commonly, it is E, but some players change it if they find other options more convenient. To defuse bomb in CS:GO 2, players should hold the key for 10 seconds. The process works only when uninterrupted. If the bullet kills the player, or if the player moves or releases the action key, the countdown of 10 seconds stops, and the disarming process needs to be started anew.

  • As you see, in the ideal case, the player who tries to stop the bomb from exploding needs to be protected by the teammates. However, one will have a chance even when acting alone, with skillful use of smoke grenades and good knowledge of the map.  

Remember, you have to act quickly, otherwise the bomb goes off and you lose.

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How To Defuse Bomb Efficiently

Here is some additional advice which assists you to defuse bomb in CS:GO 2 in the most efficient way, so you won’t let your opponents win. Following some of these principles will take some practice, but it will also make you a stronger player and increase your value for the team.

  • Obtain a bomb defuse kit. This item costs $400, but it allows you to dispose of the threat two times faster: the process will take 5 seconds instead of the usual 10. Consequently, if the team has some spare money, it is a valuable thing to buy between rounds. Don’t forget that you can also pick a dropped kit if your teammate who was carrying it got killed.

  • Keep an eye on the area around. Naturally, after they have initiated the bomb, the terrorists attempt to prevent their opponents from defusing it. Beware of the hidden threats and distribute roles within a team, when possible. But even if you are the last one alive, you have a chance to defuse bomb in CS:GO 2, if you are skillful enough.

  • Have a constant team and practice various in-game situations with your teammates. If you have some scenarios practiced beforehand, it makes picking the right way to dispose of the bomb much easier. Study the map thoroughly together to learn the possible threats for the player who does the defusing and the ways to protect from them.

Use smoke grenades and flashbangs to distract enemy players. If you do not have a defuse kit, disarming the bomb will take 10 seconds, so careful usage of the utilities can win you a couple of seconds you need.

How To Practice For Bomb Defusing

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To master various techniques to successfully defuse bomb in CS:GO 2, just playing a lot of matches is not enough. Naturally, you will learn by doing, as all players do, but to get ahead of others you need to practice consciously. Record and analyze your games to learn what you do well and correct your mistakes. Look for custom maps that are created specially for practicing various aspects of the game. Study the map thoroughly, paying the most attention to the environment around the bomb plant areas, so you will know in advance where your opponents can hide.

Do not restrict yourself to practicing alone. Defusing a bomb is often a collective effort, so you significantly increase your chances for success if you practice together. It is also useful to know certain console commands related to the bomb defusing in CS:GO 2. Most of them require cheats being enabled, so you can utilize them in private lobbies only and solely for practice purposes:

  • mp_c4timer 40 – sets the number of seconds you have before an explosion.

  • map_showbombradius – shows the radius of the area that will be affected by the explosion.

  • clear_bombs – removes any bombs from the map and stops the countdown.

  • mp_defuser_allocation <0 / 1 / 2> - allocates free defusers on start to the random player (1) or to all players (2).

  • mp_death_drop_defuser <0 / 1> - when set to 0, defuse kits will not be dropped on death.

There are also commands that allow you to adjust rewards for various actions, such as when you defuse a bomb in CS:GO 2.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bombs in CS:GO 2

How To Defuse Bomb in CS:GO 2 5

Below you will find some answers that will help you to get an ultimate grasp of how to defuse bomb in CS:GO 2. Here is a brief summary of everything you need to know about disarming the explosive:

How much time do I have to defuse bomb in CS:GO 2?

After the bomb is planted, the timer starts to count down. Since that moment, there is no more than 40 seconds in total before the explosion. This means, you need to start the disarming process within the first 30 seconds (or 35, if you have the defuse kit), otherwise the bomb will go off before you finish the disarming. Both for T and CT sides those 30 seconds may feel like the longest and tightest part of the round.  

What happens if I fail to defuse a bomb?

If you do not manage to do it on time, get killed in the process or fail by some other means, the round is lost for your team. Try to do better next time and do not forget to acquire a defuse kit and utilize other ideas listed above?

What is “ninja defuse”?

“Ninja defuse” is a term for the situation, when one of the CT team manages to defuse bomb in CS:GO 2 while they can be observed by an opponent. Often it is achieved by using smoke: the opponent can pick the sound telling that you have started the process but does not know where to aim. If you have enough resources, add a flashbang to the mix to confuse the enemy as it was described above. The tactics of the “ninja defuse” aren’t easy to master, but it gives one much confidence to win in this manner when playing for CT.

Do I need a defuse kit to disarm the explosive?

No, the defuse kit is desirable, but not necessary to defuse bomb in CS:GO 2. However,  getting it is very practical and increases your chances to win, because with it the process takes less time.

How to mask the process of bomb defusing?

One of the most practical ways to do so is using the sound of the flashbang. It increases a chance that your opponent will miss the fact that you started the disarming process, so they will have less chance to react.

How to improve my technique of bomb defusing?

As with other aspects of CS:GO 2, there is only one answer: practice makes perfect. Train together with your teammates, so you will have an elaborate strategy for most cases. Use special maps and console commands to create common in-game situations and rehears your actions on various maps and in various stages of the round.

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