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Getting CS:GO skins, even the rare ones, does not always require investing huge amounts of money. There are various ways to get them for free, although they usually have their downside: they involve randomness, so you cannot guarantee to get the particular skin you want. However, these methods are useful, especially to beginner players, who have just started to grow their collection. 

Playing The Game

The most obvious way to get free CS:GO skins is merely to play  regularly, namely every week. Every time when you conclude a match, there is a chance to get a skin drop, with a maximum of two skins per week. You can play on official servers in your preferred game mode. Note some differences between Prime and Non-Prime players: 

  • For players without Prime account, cases are dropped from a different pool, so they usually get cheaper items. 

  • Only the owners of a Prime account get rewards in the form of skin drops when they level up their profiles. 

  • Prime players can also receive cases from a Rare pool, which contains even more valuable items. 

Consequently, to get the most profits from the case drops system, you need to have a Prime account. But most active players choose to buy it eventually, as it provides other features which make playing the game more comfortable. If you are an active player, with some luck you can easily compensate yourself the expenses of buying a prime account by selling the skins or cases. Following the news is important, as cases usually cost the most in the fists a few days after their introduction, so you can make the most profit by selling them in this period. 

Buying Operation Passes

Another way to get CS:GO skins through playing the game is by participating in Operations. As in the previous example, if you are an active player, it is entirely possible to get more money than you had to spend on buying the pass. 

During the operation, you complete weekly missions and earn stars. Then you use them in an in-game store to exchange for cases, skins, and other items. If you do not want to gamble, the easiest option is to get operation cases and sell them on the Community Market. Opening them in the hope to get valuable skins is riskier, as the chance of getting something rare and expensive is relatively low. 

Using Third-Party Websites

There are also multiple third-party websites, which offer various options for obtaining free skins. There are websites, which reward you for filling out surveys, conducting giveaways, or CS:GO skins gambling. However, be careful with such resources: read some reviews and check the information about the website before you link your Steam account to it. Remember, that if something looks too good to be true, it is probably a scam. 

As you see, there are many ways to get CS:GO skins for free, although some of them still require an initial investment, like buying a Prime account. These methods are good if you are not hunting for a particular skin and just want to get some quick money through selling skins and cases. If you are looking for a particular skin for your collection, the better and surer way to get it is to use our store, where you can choose the skin in the desired condition to buy.

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