There are many interactions involving skins in CS:GO, and knowing how to gift skins in CS:GO is one of them. The ability to get new skins in CS:GO, buy, sell, or exchange them creates a thriving market with a multitude of opportunities. Not all interactions are aimed at gaining profit: as you desire, you can give some of your in-game skins to fellow teammates or get a similar present from somebody else. Below we describe all details of sending and receiving skins in Counter-Strike. 

Can you gift CS:GO/CS2 skins to another player?

Yes, you can gift CS:GO skins to others, but this process is governed by Steam's trading system and various conditions:

  • Steam Guard Activation: Your Steam account must have Steam Guard activated for at least 15 days.
  • Mobile Authenticator: Using the Steam Mobile Authenticator reduces trade holds and facilitates smoother transactions.
  • Account Standing: Your account needs to be in good standing without any trade restrictions.
  • Trade and Market Cooldowns: Items may have cooldown periods after being purchased or traded, affecting their immediate tradability.
  • Direct Trades: You can gift skins through direct trades where you give a skin to someone without receiving anything significant in return.

The process involves ensuring both parties meet Steam's security and account requirements, initiating a trade offer, and confirming the trade. Be cautious of scams and remember that trades are final once completed.

How to transfer CS:GO skins to another player?

Basically, to gift skins in CS:GO/CS2 means to transfer them to another person’s inventory without getting anything in exchange. The process is simple and doesn’t have much difference whatever operating system and platform you are using. Here is the basic sequence of actions, considering you have a Steam account, have played CS:GO for a while, and have some in-game items: 

  • Open your inventory in your Steam client. 

  • Find the button called “New Trade Offer…” and click it. 

  • Scroll through your friends list and choose who receives the gift.

  • Now an offer window pops up. Choose which items you decide to give away. 

  • Check, if everything is right, and click the “Make Offer” button. Your playmate will get skins after they accept the offer.

How To Gift Skins in CS:GO 1

This sequence of actions is also used to exchange the skin. The only distinction is that in case of a gift you exchange items for empty slots, and in case of an exchange, you also add the desired skins to the trade window. Be careful while giving the skins to someone else and check everything twice, to avoid situations, when you by accident give away items you actually planned to keep or sell later. After the other person accepts the offer, there is no way to get the skins back besides negotiating with them.  

How To Gift Skins in CS:GO 2

Why is it impossible to gift a certain skin?

Sometimes, when players want to gift skins in CS:GO, they face a restriction. Namely, when they want to send an item to another person, they discover that it is impossible. Why could this happen? The main reason preventing one player from sending skins to another is a so-called trade ban. It was introduced for the first time in 2018 and is still in action in 2024. This means that after a player receives an item from another person, it is not possible to conduct any operation with the same item during the following seven days. You can sell this skin on the Community Market though, but conducting an exchange via the method described above is impossible. 

This trade restriction, however useful, adds a bit of annoyance for the player who wants to gift skins in CS:GO. Sometimes you will have to wait a bit until the trade becomes possible. 

According to the explanations by Valve itself, this measure was introduced to combat fraud and scams. The seven day long restrictions slow down trades a bit, give participating parties time to think about the trade thoroughly, and break sequences of exchanges that could be fraudulent. Moreover, the trade ban made the operation of many websites which offered skin gambling or case opening more difficult, and these services eventually died out in their old form. On the other hand, reliable third-party skin-trading websites still operate without any problem alongside the Steam Market, although sometimes buyers have to wait for several days until the restriction is lifted. 

Can you gift CS:GO cases?

Yes, you can gift CS:GO cases to other players in much the same way you can gift skins, using Steam's trading system. The process and requirements for gifting cases are essentially identical to those for skins.

Like with skins, you need to be friends with the person you want to gift the cases to on Steam, and there might be a waiting period if you've only recently added them as a friend. Also, certain actions like changing your password, adding a new device, or disabling Steam Guard can impose temporary trading restrictions on your account. It's always a good idea to check the current Steam trading policies for any updates or changes to these rules.

What are CS:GO gift packages?

There are also other ways to share your love for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with other players, besides transferring skins via a Trade Offer, as it was described above. The area is another convenient way to gift skins in CS:GO in 2024 using the opportunities existing within a game. 

How To Gift Skins in CS:GO 3

You can buy so-called Gift Packages in various amounts. There are three possible options: 

  • A single Gift Package 

  • A Pallet of Presents 

  • An Audience Participation Parcel 

They all can be bought during the winter holidays only. Off-season, it is possible to find these items at third-party markets or Steam Community Market. All these items have similar functionality: they can be activated during any match. Upon activation, a randomly selected user gets a random item gifted to them. A Pallet of Presents distributes up to nine items to random participants besides the one who opened the box. An Audience Participation Parcel gifts up to 25 random items to people who are watching the match. 

How To Gift Skins in CS:GO 4

In previous years, the notification about giving Gift Packages was broadcasted community-wide, but recently the function was removed, because many players tended to use it for self-promotion. However, this type of gift item still exists and provides a fun way to gift skins in CS:GO to the participants of the match, especially during the winter holidays. 

This method can also be used to give a random skin to a particular person. If there is only you and your friend on the server, and you open a Gift Package, the random drop will be eventually sent to them, as there are no other players present. The probability of getting valuable items is similar to the rewards you get when you achieve a new rank. 

What are Steam Gift Cards?

If you want to gift skins in CS:GO, but do not know what exactly your friend wants to receive, you can go a different way and send them a Steam Gift Card. These are gift cards for various fixed amounts of money, that refill user’s Steam Wallet. Then it can be used for any purchases on the platform, including buying not only games but also in-game items, such as skins, on the Community Market. Here are some useful facts about this method of gifting skins: 

How To Gift Skins in CS:GO 5

There are no restrictions regarding spending the money from the gift card within the Steam Platform. They can be used for purchasing cosmetic items from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or other games as well. 

  • You can purchase gift cards of fixed value, from $5 to $100 with several in-between options. 

  • To send a digital gift card to your friend, visit an appropriate section of the store, choose a person from a friends list, and write a short message. They will receive your gift instantly after purchase. 

  • Note, that the money from Steam Wallet can be used for purchasing items at the Community Market, but it is impossible to withdraw them or to buy skins on any third-party services. 

  • It is possible to use the credits from the gift card to purchase CS:GO Prime Access or an Operation Pass. 

It is absolutely safe to use Steam gift cards, but be sure to send gifts only to people you know. If some stranger asks you to gift them skins in CS:GO or send a gift card promising some favor or money in return, you may be a target of a scam. Be careful and analyze the situation before making any purchases. 

As with any other activity involving exchanging or giving away valuable in-game items, it is useful to keep in mind basic safety rules. Always check the contents of your offer before you send it out. In most cases it is impossible to reverse a trade after another player accepts it, so be sure you are giving away the items you are ready to part with. Be careful around websites promising free gifts including CS:GO skins. While some of them are legit, there are also resources of doubtful reliability, so make a good habit of checking external reviews before using any service. 

How to get CS:GO skins as gifts?

Naturally, it is useful to know not only how to gift skins in CS:GO in 2024, but also how to get them for free. Besides buying them, there are some other ways that allow you to get in-game cosmetic items without spending a dime. 

During the winter holiday season, there is a higher probability to get random gifts through Gift Packages, as it was described above. In previous years, there were players who attempted to get higher in gifting leaderboards, so they actively used Gift Packages during their matches. Play the game actively during this period or watch streams so you have a chance of getting a gift from an Audience Participation Parcel. 

Playing CS:GO actively is a good idea in general, especially for those who have purchased Prime access. Getting regular drops by playing matches and increasing your rank helps you to boost item assortment in no time. 

How To Gift Skins in CS:GO 6

Many websites give CS:GO skins as a reward for some simple tasks, such as watching advertising videos or fulfilling some surveys. So, if you have some free time, head over there and then withdraw your reward in the form of CS:GO items of your choice. We advise you to read some reviews about such websites first, so you can find the ones with more favorable terms of use and easy skins withdrawal. It is also a good idea to have a list of several sites at hand, in case the tasks run out. 

Many skin trading or skin gambling websites offer free cases or other gifts. On many of them there are registration rewards, so you can claim them even if you do not plan to use the service in the future. 

With these methods at hand, one will always own some nice skins in their inventory, so if you plan to gift some skins in CS:GO to a teammate, you will never run out of choices. Playing as a team, sharing and exchanging in-game items is a nice way to participate in the community and have fun together.

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