There are a multitude of options to have fun in the famous first-person shooter,so find out how to play CS:GO surf to enjoy the gameplay in a new and unusual way Surfing is an unusual game mode, which allows players to have fun without firing a single shot, concentrating on jumping, flying and precise movement. Naturally, it not only brings lots of enjoyment, but teaches you to control your movement better, which comes in handy in regular matches. Moreover, surf maps in CS:GO have their own competitive scene. 

What Are Surf Maps in CS:GO/CS2?

Surfing maps for CS:GO are similar to the actual sea activity by their mood and feel. They are relaxing and skill-demanding simultaneously. The player can slide and jump through the custom map, but they will need to have precise timings and careful planning to avoid falling or being stuck, and to be the fastest player on the map. To play CS:GO surf you need to load one of the custom maps, which are plenty in the Steam Workshop. You can practice alone or compete with others, trying to achieve the best time.

Surf maps are created by modders and utilize hidden possibilities of the Source engine. Knowing its technical details allows creators to design maps with lots of opportunities for jumping sequences, sliding ramps and other features. There is a great diversity of styles and colors, because the creators don’t restrict themselves to assets familiar from official CS:GO maps, and often aim to create a unique impression.

Surf CS:GO Servers

If you want to play CS:GO surf, find dedicated servers though the Server Browser. After launching CS:GO, open play options and choose the Server Browser from the dropdown list. To filter for surf servers, type “surf” in the search bar. Join the server which has free slots. Sometimes you require to make several attempts until you find a working one.

If it is more convenient for you, there is also a possibility to play CS:GO surf offline. To achieve this, do the following:

  • Explore surf maps in the Workshop (their names usually begin with surf_, so it is easy to find them).

  • Subscribe to the ones you like, so they will appear in your game.

  • Run the game and open the desired map in the training mode.

  • Input several console commands to activate the necessary settings.

In some specific cases, map creators mention the specific settings needed for the map, so don’t forget to look in the description. Here are the default values you need to play surf: sv_cheats 1, bot_kick 1, sv_accelerate 10, sv_airaccelerate 800, sv_staminajumpcost 0, sv_staminalandcost 0, v_autobunnyhopping 1 and sv_enablebunnyhopping 1. Each command should be entered in a separate line and followed by pressing the Return button. These influence the way the main character moves: you bunnyhop automatically, you won’t need to worry about your stamina, and the acceleration will be higher than in usual matches.

CS:GO/CS2 Surf Commands

When setting up a CS:GO server for surfing or practicing surf maps offline, there are several important console commands that you'll need to adjust gameplay settings suitable for surfing. These commands help in controlling physics and player movement to make surfing smoother and more enjoyable. Here's a list of essential surf commands you might use:

Basic Surf Commands

  • sv_cheats 1: Enables cheats, which is necessary to change certain settings that cannot be altered otherwise.
  • sv_airaccelerate: Controls the amount of acceleration players get in the air. For surfing, this is usually set much higher than the default. Values between 150 to 1000 are common, with higher values making it easier to maintain speed and control on ramps.
  • sv_accelerate: Adjusts how quickly a player accelerates when running on the ground. For surfing, a value around 10 is typical.
  • sv_gravity: Adjusts the gravity level. The default value is 800, but you might want to lower it for surfing to make jumps longer and ramps easier to navigate. Common values range from 100 to 800 depending on the map and server.
  • mp_warmup_end: Ends the warmup period immediately, useful for getting right into surfing.
  • bot_kick: Removes all bots from the game, which is useful if you’re practicing alone.
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 60 or mp_roundtime_hostage 60: Sets the round time to 60 minutes so you don’t have to constantly restart the map.
  • mp_restartgame 1: Restarts the game with the new settings taking effect.

Advanced Configuration

For a more refined surf experience, especially if you're setting up a dedicated surf server or practicing specific techniques, you might also consider:

  • mp_limitteams 0 and mp_autoteambalance 0: These commands disable team balancing, allowing everyone to join the same team if desired.
  • sv_staminamax 0, sv_staminajumpcost 0, and sv_staminalandcost 0: These commands remove stamina limitations, allowing for unlimited sprinting and bunny hopping.
  • airaccelerate and accelerate commands might need tweaking based on the surf map difficulty and the skill level of players. Experimenting with different values can help find the perfect balance for your needs.
  • noclip (toggle with sv_cheats 1): Allows you to fly around the map freely. This is extremely useful for learning the map layout or getting back on track quickly after a fall. Use it by typing noclip in the console; press the key again to toggle it off.

How to use the CS:GO/CS2 Surf Commands

To use these commands, you'll first need to enable the developer console in CS:GO's game settings. Then, during a game, you can open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key and enter the commands as needed.

For a more persistent setup, especially for server administrators, these commands can be placed in a server configuration file (e.g., surf.cfg) and executed automatically when the server starts or when a surf map is loaded.

How To Play Surf in CS:GO/CS2?

If you plan to play CS:GO surf for the first time, a good way to get accustomed to controls is the map called surf_beginner. It offers several sections of increasing difficulty, so you can familiarize yourself with controls and the principles of surf movement. Here are several basic ideas to keep in mind:

  • Surf is played by using mostly mouse and left and right (commonly A and D) keys.

  • At the start of the level. Jump onto the rump and look along it.

  • To move, you will use A and D keys, depending on where the ramp is. If you see it on the left, press A, and in the opposite case use D. As you see, you are moving forward by pressing A and D, which can seem unfamiliar at first.

  • To influence your speed, move across the ramp: you will move faster if you are closer to its bottom edge.

  • When you are flying, use mouse and movement keys to control direction.

  • Sometimes it is useful to use the S key to completely stop and fall down, for example, if you have flown above the ramp you need to land on.

  • You don’t need to press jump to move from one part of the ramp to another. Instead, move to the top of the ramp when you are nearing its end.

After you learn how to play surf in CS:GO, you will quickly find out that this is the type of gameplay, which is hard to learn and easy to master. While their basics are easy to understand, if you want to race with other players, you will have to study surf maps thoroughly and explore various tips and tricks. Some maps have hidden shortcuts and secret sections, which allow you to cut your total time even more.

In addition to surf_beginner we have mentioned above, you can also start with surf_utopia and surf_mesa. Both maps have a pleasantly looking design and contain sections of varying difficulty, so they are a good place to begin your surfing journey.

Types Of Surfing Maps

If you like to play CS:GO surf maps, it is also useful to know that they are divided into several categories. The most common type are Skill Surf Maps. When you play them, you need to get from the starting point to the finish line in the fastest way. You may play them as a single player in offline mode or compete with other players. You may also enjoy watching videos of surf maps world records, as it is always beneficial to learn from the best.

Aside from the type described above, there are Combat Surf Maps, but they are not that popular. However, it has its fans as well. This mode is similar to the regular Surf maps, but everyone can shoot other players, which adds a whole new level to the competition.

To play CS:GO surf maps and get the maximum enjoyment of them, you may want to choose the difficulty appropriately. All Surf Maps are divided into eight tiers, with the first one being the easiest. Start with Tier 1 and Tier 2 maps for practice and then move your way up to higher tiers when you feel more confidence in your skills.

Best CS:GO Surf Maps To Play in 2024

If you are curious, on what maps to play CS:GO surf, here are some recent examples. The community creates new additions to the Workshop every month. This list includes several examples of maps which was added quite recently but quickly gained popularity:

  • Nuclear. The style of the map resembles an abandoned nuclear plant. Heavy constructions, wide ramps and a lot of opportunities for long jumps. If you don’t want to be distracted by bright colors when surfing, try out this map.

  • Fornax is designed in a futuristic style. Wide ramps which allow for slow and smooth movement are highlighted with white and red panels, showing the player where to direct their movement. As with most surf maps, you won’t have much time to admire the small details, but the whole map creates a consistent impression.

  • Cyberwave, true to its name, is for those who want to play CS:GO surf in neon, brightly colored style. It depicts a night in the futuristic city, which consists of colored blocks, and there is a wide ramp that leads you through them. You can play it for fun, but this is one of the most famous competitive maps, because there are lots of small things and time-saving tricks to practice and improve.

  • Progress is a surf map, which was created in 2019 for a contest and remains among the most popular ones. It has great replay value both for newcomers and experienced surfers. Moreover, it includes tutorial stages, which explain basic mechanics to the players who are new to surf maps. 

  • Not_quite_goliath is a map for players who are looking for something more difficult. The main theme of the map is playing with gravity, and its variation from one room to another creates a unique flow. The visuals of this map may seem boring, as it is dominated by gray color but adding bright designs wasn’t the goal of the author – the focus here is the precise movement.

  • One more map worth mentioning is Omnific. It is significantly more difficult than the ones described above, as it belongs to Tier 6. With its bright colors and fast sequences, it can feel disorienting at the beginning, but after you get used to it, you can feel the joy of surfing with the flow and getting perfect timings.

And if you want to put your skills to a test, try to play CS:GO surf on one of the hardest maps of Tier 8, such as essential_ksf. Initially, it was developed for one of the easier tiers, but then it was updated and for a long time remained one of the most difficult Surf levels.

How To Improve Your Surf Skills

There are many more maps, from easy to complicated, so everyone can choose something to their liking. However, no matter what difficulty level you prefer, the following advice will help you to play better and successfully compete with others. First and foremost, lower your mouse sensitivity, even if you are used to high values. Opposed to regular game modes, surf is built around flow and floaty movements, so snappy and jerky reactions isn’t what you need here.

After getting familiar with the basics, experiment with moving along the ramp. Get the feel on how positioning on the ramp influences your momentum. Note the difference between straight and curved ramps and get your hands on using A and D when needed according to changes of your placement. Start planning your surf runs in advance, so you aren’t randomly moving along the ramps but planning your jumps strategically.

Some players prefer regular gameplay modes, but if you try to play CS:GO surf at lease once, you will find out that the game has much more to offer, and there are multiple ways to have fun and enjoy CS:GO.


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