The most famous competitive FPS has tons of features and options, but you need to know how to open console in CS:GO to access them.  The commands available for various gameplay modes are utilized to precisely improve configurations for your needs, which is extremely useful especially if you have an older PC. Several commands are utilized in testing scenarios, for example, to check the in-game look of your new skin.

What Is CS:GO Console?

CS:GO developer console offers an opportunity to input various text prompts exerting certain impact on diverse facets of the game mechanics. The extraordinary tool empowers modders and creators to test, debug, and enhance programs, enabling them to effortlessly activate various states without the usual prerequisites. However, commanding necessary skills to open console in CS:GO and utilizing basic prompts is valuable not only for developers or mod creators but for players as well. Here are some examples of what can be achieved through appropriate console lines: 

  • modify the style of your crosshair; 

  • boost performance;

  • create demo recordings; 

  • address server settings; 

  • create an optimal environment to practice specific aspects, such as utility or map knowledge.

How To Use Console in CS:GO 1

Note, that per the game mode, the availability of the console prompts varies. In particular, in an offline mode with bots, enjoy employing noclip (thus getting an opportunity to freely move around, even through otherwise impassable objects) or give (to get various weapons). This proves advantageous for training, but attempting to activate such inputs in an actual match is naturally considered cheating. Consequently, a competent player should not only learn how to open console in CS:GO, but understand the limitations to utilize it in the most effective way. As an illustration, a noclip command is a source of funny moments, sure, but its main benefit is that it brings you an opportunity to thoroughly explore maps looking at each nook and cranny, which is important for conquering competitive achievements of CS:GO.   

Activating The Console

To open console in CS:GO, if it is your first time accessing it, it is necessary to turn it on beforehand. For this purpose, find the option known as “Enable Developer Console” in the Settings Menu. Toggle it to “Yes”. It is at your disposal now, but you also need a convenient method to access it. To create it, find the section dedicated to the keyboard settings. Move over to the “Toggle Console” and input a desired key, which is currently unoccupied by any other purpose in CS:GO, Steam or other currently active software. In multiple old and new video games, it is bound to the ~ key by default, as it is rarely employed for anything else. Some say, it is already sort of a tradition. However, you may employ any other key you find convenient to operate the console speedily.  

How To Use Console in CS:GO 2

After performing this instruction, use the chosen button to open console in CS:GO and type in any prompt you need. Then activate it with the Return button. Take note of the importance of accurately inputting proper code words and their parameters, because if you make a typo, they won’t work. Sometimes the console doesn’t appear after you make the above-mentioned adjustments of the menu. To fix this, just restart CS:GO and try again. 

How To Use Console in CS:GO 3

If this method doesn’t work for some reason, there exists an alternative approach, albeit more challenging. Add an opportunity to open console in CS:GO by modifying the configuration. Perform the following steps: 

  • Open the local files of the game and find the config.cfg file.  

  • Edit it with the Notepad. 

  • Look for the section where there are a lot of lines beginning with “bind”. Input the following: bind "F9" "toggleconsole" but with the key you want to use.

  • Find the line which starts with “con_enable”, and set the parameter to 1. It will look as follows: con_enable "1". 

  • Save your changes and launch the game. The console should be able to be opened with the key you added in the “bind” section. 

Enabling the console doesn’t take much time but vastly improves your game. Make any adjustments you desire to cater the game to your liking. After working with a config file, the designated key will work for opening the console every time you launch CS:GO, and no additional designated changes are needed. 

Why CS:GO Console Doesn’t Work

Sometimes you encounter problems when you try to open console in CS:GO. This can happen when the settings have reverted to the default state after the game update, or due to a couple of other reasons. To fix the problems, do the following: 

  • Refer to the game settings and activate the console again. Sometimes it is useful to toggle the option back and forth. 

  • Examine the config file as described above and modify it if necessary. 

  • If the particular command doesn’t work, ensure you are writing in correctly and provide all the necessary parameters. 

  • Ensure that the game mode you are using allows a particular console command. 

In most cases, the console in CS:GO works smoothly, but it is useful to keep basic means of troubleshooting in mind. 

Useful Console Commands For Practice 

One of the main benefits you get if you know how to open console in CS:GO is enhanced practice opportunities. The following console commands cannot be used in competitive mode, because they heavily influence the gameplay. However, they provide a great resource to prepare for competitive matches and improve your skills. Here are some examples: 

  • Activate mp_maxmoney followed by the high number, and then mp_startmoney followed by the same number to buy everything you want. 

  • Input mp_buy_anywhere 1 and then mp_buytime 60000 to get access to the buying menu from anywhere on the map and infinite time to choose what you want to buy. This is useful, for example, if you plan to practice utility throws. Buy yourself an infinite amount of gear and continue your training until you land your throws perfectly! 

  • mp_roundtime_defuse 60 sets the time for the Bomb Defusal to 60 minutes, which is useful for some practice scenarios. You can also change the total length of the round with mp_roundtime 60. There is also a similar console command for the Hostage Rescue mode. You may have already guessed it: mp_roundtime_hostage 60. 

  • Remember to open console in CS:GO and write out the prompt thoroughly. Even a mistake in one character means that the command won’t work. Checking for typos is the first piece of advice if you encounter any problems. 

Console Commands For Competitive Mode

How To Use Console in CS:GO 4

Console commands similar to those described above cannot be used in the competitive mode, which is no wonder, because they heavily influence the gameplay and allow the player to get an unfair advantage. However, there are lots of commands, mostly related to performance and interface, which can be used without any problems. You may need to do some experimenting by yourself, to find out what works for you. After that, we recommend adding your optimal parameters to the config file, so you don’t need to open console in CS:GO on every launch. Frequently employed lines are as follows: 

  • If you encounter connectivity problems, such as lags or disconnects, use net_graph 1. It shows data about ping, tick rate, and FPS, so you can monitor the parameters, which helps to find the problem. 

  • If you want to decrease the possibility of lags appearing during the match, use mm_dedicated_search_maxping (x) before searching for the game. Enter ping value instead of (x). As a result, only players with lower ping values will join in the matchmaking. 

  • If you have a powerful PC, enable unlimited FPS by typing fps_max 0. Is it applied by many competitive players because in their matches even a fraction of a second can be deciding. 

  • cl_hud_playercount_showcount 1 is applied for tight competitive situations when you need to remove distractions. It simplifies the UI, leaving only the number of players alive visible. Some players prefer it this way because it is easier for them to avoid distraction. 

  • Expand your control with two HUD adjustment commands. hud_scaling (x) allows you to change its size and cl_show_team_equipment makes the equipment of other players in your team visible, which simplifies planning and coordination. 

  • One more reason to open console in CS:GO is influencing the mouse behavior. You can change its sensitivity with sensitivity (x) and enable/disable mouse acceleration with m_customaccel 1. The values for both commands are a matter of personal preference, so you need to experiment for a bit to find out what values you are most comfortable with. 

How To Use Console in CS:GO 5

An abundance of console usages awaits in CS:GO, and across an array of game modes, these prompts serve multifarious purposes. Certain of them duplicate the Settings menu, but often there are finer adjustments available. For those who are eager to delve into the CS:GO competitive scene, we advise to google configurations of pro players and explore their crosshair or mouse parameters to give them a couple of text runs. Ultimately, to use this tool effectively, you need not only to know how to open console in CS:GO, but also to type appropriate prompts. After learning the basics we have described here, consider seeking more comprehensive lists of commands, which allow you to adjust many technical parameters of the game and get the maximum out of your PC configuration.

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