If you're looking to enhance your experience, understanding how to incorporate music through the mic is crucial. Tunes can elevate your team's spirits, annoy opponents with memorable beats, or set the stage for an epic showdown. We've got you covered!

In this guide, you'll walk through the process of configuring your microphone to create an impression. From adjusting to choosing the perfect tracks, we'll provide all the tips and tricks you need to add a twist to the virtual battlefield.

So, grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and embark on this journey through the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Let's amp up the atmosphere and let the rhythms flow!

How to Play Music in CS:GO 2 via Discord

Elevate the match by sharing songs with fellow players. Follow this guide:

  • Set Up a Voice Channel. Launch and create a voice channel or join an existing one where you can communicate with teammates.

  • Install Software. To share melodies use"Virtual Audio Cable" or "Voicemeeter Banana." Download and install chosen programs from their official websites.

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 1

  • Configure Software. Open the installed software. Set the default playback device to the virtual cable output, and ensure the microphone continues to use regular audio input.

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 2

  • Player Setup. Open preferred player (e.g., Spotify, YouTube, or a media player like VLC). Set the player's output to the same cable you configured earlier. This will route sound through the cable.

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 3

  • Settings. Navigate to the menu. Under "Audio Settings," select the virtual cable you configured earlier as microphone input. Adjust volume to achieve the right balance.

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 4

  • Discord Settings. Return to the settings. In the voice channel settings, ensure the input gadget is set to a physical microphone. Enable "Listen to this device" for virtual cable input in the system's setup. 

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 5

  • Test and Adjust. Join a match. Turn on the melody  and speak to confirm that others can hear you. Fine-tune the chords and levels for a harmonious sound.

By following these steps, you'll master the art of how to incorporate melodies in cs go 2. Share your favorite tunes with your team, enhancing the overall gaming experience for everyone involved. 

How to Play Music in CS 2 with external software

Since the update to CS2, the game stopped supporting SLAM in voice chat, which was a widely used tool. However, there are other apps you can use. For example, you can play music in CS2 with the help of Voicemod. The app has some paid features such as for players who want to modify their voice, but a free version will be certainly enough for the purposes of playing music. 

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 6

After installing the software, you will get access to several premade soundboards, as well as the option to create custom soundboards for CS2 including up to 8 tracks. After choosing tracks and sound effects you want to hear, you will want to add keybinds you will use to activate them. It is recommended to use Numpad keys, so they will not interrupt with your gameplay. Another useful option is muting the sound for yourself, so only teammates will hear what you play. 

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 7

While playing CS2 with Voicemod, you will need to push a key binded to a certain sound and the microphone key at the same time. Your teammates will hear your music while you are holding the mic key. 

Playing Music Through Your Microphone in CS:GO 2 8

You can also use paid solutions, such as Soundpad, which can be conveniently purchased on Steam. 

How to Enable Music in CS 2 Voice Chat on a Mac Computer

Mac computer owners have always wondered how to play music through mic in cs go 2.

But there is an alternative for MAC users— Loopback. While it may not be as user-friendly as other apps, it can be just as effective. In fact, it can even be used to accompany audio from sources like your web browser, in addition to standard players. This versatility makes Loopback an ideal choice for those looking to switch tones from sources like YouTube.

Using Loopback is straightforward. First, download and install the program as usual, and then launch it. It's crucial to follow the instructions below; otherwise, you might find yourself without sound during your next Counter-Strike session.

You'll need to create a new gadget by clicking the "Create Virtual Device" button. Select the application to turn on the melody. If you intend to use a browser for switching songs, choose Safari or Chrome. Make sure you use the same browser to turn on chords in the background while engaging. Then adjust the audio input tool, and there are two methods about how to do it.

Via CS2 Settings

To turn on melody Via Settings follow these steps:

  • After launching Steam, navigate to Settings.

  • From there, select Preferences and then Configuration.

  • Click on "Change Device."

  • In the dropdown list that appears, select "Loopback 2."

Via Your System Settings:

This method resembles the previous one, with the key difference being that you'll be adjusting your system adjustment, affecting all applications on your Mac. In reality, this is quite straightforward, as you need to access system setup and switch instruments to Loopback 2.

These software solutions are equally viable. They serve the same purpose: involve tunes through your appliance in the game. They simplify this task, ensuring that you won't require external speakers and instruments to switch the songs in the game.

How to Play Music in CS 2 Without Any Software

Sadly, it is impossible to play music in CS2 without any software without experiencing additional inconvenience in the game. In particular, you will have to choose between talking to your teammates and playing the music through the mic, because you will have to disable the mic. In fact, you will be transmitting the music you play on your PC instead of talking in the voice chat. Moreover, with the update to CS2 some of the older methods stopped working, so we cannot guarantee the success. However, you may try to follow these steps to broadcast sound without installing any software:

  • Open the settings for the “Recording devices”. You can do it through the Control panel or by clicking the symbol of the sound device in the lower right corner of the screen. 

  • Disable your microphone. 

  • In the “Playback gadgets” tab of the settings window, right click and check the box “Show disabled devices”

  • Navigate to the "Recording" tab, right-click, and check the box that says "Show disabled devices."

  • You may also need to open the device properties, and check “Listen to this device” in the “Listen” tab. 

  • Your next step is to make your music to be transmitted through the channel typically used by the microphone. On Windows 10, the “Stereo Mix” options can be used. After you enable it in the sound settings and set it as a default recording device, your system will capture any audio through your microphone. 

That's it! You can now join a public game and check if the melody is okay. This is how to play soundboards (or music) in CS: GO through the mic without any software.

slam will not work in cs2
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L O L Fk U
lost of time, trust me, dont work
30.12.2023 02:20
F You whoever wrote this article
F You,

This obviously does not work in CSGO 2
26.02.2024 00:26
In the previous version of the article, some outdated information about playing music through the mic in CS:GO was used. We have updated the instructions with the new info according to the current state of CS2 and its compatibility with various methods.
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