Float value is a crucial characteristic of virtual assets in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because it represents the skin wear in CS:GO. The float parameter influences the visual aspect of the skin, thereby impacting its market value. The interval of the float parameter differs between various skins, affecting the likelihood of obtaining visually appealing items from the case. Here you will discover all the essential information to become familiar with this particular feature of virtual items.

Can CS:GO items wear out over time?

Inexperienced players coming from other games may not realize that the explanation of whether weapon skins degrade over time in CS:GO is pretty simple. This misconception may arise from the term "wear" which in many newer games is used to imply that items become less attractive as they are used more, encouraging players to buy new ones. Counter Strike doesn’t follow this model. Despite its name, CS:GO skin wear will not increase as time passes. It is established once acquired and isn’t altered afterwards. If a firearm changes hands, the parameter also remains consistent. While several outliers exist, skins with less wear value tend to be more scarce and thus are much more costly.  

Skin Wear in CS:GO 1

Each gun has a parameter that controls the wear rating of CS:GO skins. The item’s listing includes a specification of the spectrum of values that it can possess. While some skins offer a comprehensive array from 0.0 to 1.0, in many cases it remains limited. Often it gets restricted on both ends, which influences the likelihood of getting firearms with a certain quality state. All CS:GO wear values are divided into several groups.

  • Factory New. All items with float of less than 0.07 belong here. They exhibit their pristine look, free from dents, or signs of paint wear. The design is clearly visible and boasts its full magnificence. Because Factory New variations are challenging to obtain, the items are prized, particularly if they come with the StatTrak counter. On occasion, they are valued at a small fortune."

  • Minimal Wear skins have a slightly lower appearance quality. Their float value falls within the spectrum of 0.07 to 0.15. Early indications of use, blemishes of rust or marks on the surface coating, start to become noticeable. The distinction of MW and FN is sometimes barely visible, and the price is significantly lower. Consequently, many players who find FN items too expensive, choose MW instead. 

  • Field-Tested. Here the defects become clearly visible. The float can reach 0.37. Some firearm parts are usually visibly affected while some are still clean. The difference in cost varies based on the particular item: occasionally, the decline in cost is significant for higher wear CS:GO skins, while in certain instances it still retains its appealing look. 

  • Well-Worn skins are characterized by a wear value up to 0.44. The divergence among these skins and their Factory New counterparts becomes drastic. Naturally, some players still choose this level of wear in CS:GO skins, because they do not want to spend too much, but it is important to access them carefully. For some firearms the shade gets darker, so the difference is neglectable, while in certain instances the details of the design are rendered barely recognizable. 

  • Battle Scarred. All guns with float levels above 0.44 fall into this category. With rare exceptions, these items don’t look very impressive. Their main advantage is their low cost, so players who want to gather a full inventory on a budget, often resort to this category and the previous one. 

How wear level affects the appearance of the skin?

The effect of float value on a skin's appearance varies in accordance with its finishing style. Although the overall principle is that skins look worse as CS:GO skin wear increases, some styles exhibit unique effects that influence their value. These nuances should be considered when assessing a skin's worth.

CS:GO skins can be classified into three finish styles. The first group is composed of skins with a uniform color coating, spray paint, airbrush, or a similar design. In such cases, wear marks replicate the effects of time and usage on the surface of the paint. Over time, the paint peels off, and marks and scratches appear. With high CS:GO wear values, the surface becomes visibly eroded. Additionally, two items with the same float value can look slightly different due to the random placement of wear marks.

The second group encompasses skins that simulate metallic surfaces without any paint coating. In real life, patina is a layer that forms on some metals when they interact with oxygen. In CS:GO skins, the wear generally affects the color of these skins. As the float value increases, the skin's color becomes darker or undergoes a change in its base color. For instance, the P250 Verdigris has a dark orange hue and green stains. In the Battle-Scarred version, the entire body of the gun is covered in green patina.

Only a handful of skins belong to this category, but they offer a unique combination of both styles. These skins exhibit wear in distinct ways on different parts of the gun. Take the Battle-Scarred AUG Syd Mead, for instance. The barrel and magazine lose their paint, while the gun handle develops a darker shade as a result of patina.

If you know which category your skin falls into, you can predict how its appearance will change depending on the CS:GO skin  wear level and thus estimate the fair price. Skins with a patina effect do not lose that much value with the increase of their float, and in some cases, the darkened pattern is even considered more appealing. 

Are high floats always bad?

In most cases, high wear value in CS:GO means that the skin will be cheap, as its look is significantly affected by the wear marks. But there are some skins that do not lose but gain value when the float is high. Here are several examples of skins that look better in bad condition: 

AWP Asiimov

Skin Wear in CS:GO 2

One of the most notable examples is the Black Asiimov, a highly sought-after version of the famous AWP gun. The weapon is already popular, but the Battle-Scarred variant has a unique feature: its scope turns black, giving it an even more distinct appearance. However, the probability of obtaining this rare version is relatively low, as it requires a float value of 0.9 or higher.

Tec-9 Hades

Skin Wear in CS:GO 3

Sometimes the worn-out instance of a gun reveals hidden symbols. Here is an example of how CS:GO wear affects the surface of Tec-9 Hades. On the Factory New version, you will see the helmets of ancient warriors. But on the Battle-Scarred version, the picture is completely different: the helmets turn into skulls, giving the gun an uncanny look. 

P90 Death Grip

Skin Wear in CS:GO 4

Here is another example that produces a similar impression: The Factory New version seems to be covered with intertwined hands. The Battle-Scarred version with high CS:GO skin wear values reveals its grim reality: they turn into skeletons. Such tricks are often used in stickers: There are many of them, which change the appearance or reveal a hidden joke when scratched several times. But skins that utilize this technique are pretty rare and consequently even more valued. 

P2000 Imperial Dragon

Skin Wear in CS:GO 5

The situation is similar with this gun. The pattern imitates the textures of unpainted metal and engravings with lots of intricate details. With the increase of the skin wear, the gun slowly changes color gaining more magenta hues. 

AWP The Prince

Skin Wear in CS:GO 6

And here is another gun, which uses the patina effect to its advantage. The sniper rifle has an old-school design. It looks nice in Factory New condition, but some people still prefer the Battle-Scarred version, because the skin acquires a darker shade, and the scope gets entirely black. 

MAC-10 Disco Tech

Skin Wear in CS:GO 7

Sometimes skins do not contain any hidden messages, but have a nice look even in the Battle Scarred state. The gun has a unique pearlescent finish which changes its color a bit depending on the direction of light. Even with high levels of CS:GO wear,  the coating is damaged on the edges, and a significant part of the covering still remains intact, which makes high-float versions a good choice for those who want to stay within a low budget. 

P90 Off World

Skin Wear in CS:GO 8

Occasionally, the scratches and marks representing high wear of CS:GO skins  are part of the design itself. Take the Off World series as an example. At higher wear, symbols and letters emerge on the gun's body, creating a sense of mystery and history. The gun appears to have a story to tell, having changed hands many times before. The scratches and marks on the high-float version only serve to enhance this intriguing narrative.

MAG-7 Firestarter

Skin Wear in CS:GO 9

Now observe this gun  - it's a prime example of a virtual asset that becomes more unique as its CS:GO wear level increases. Its body appears dull at lower floats, but as the value nears Battle-Scarred, rust marks begin to appear, giving the firearm a fiery and distinctive design. 

There are several other cases similar to what was mentioned above. On these rare occasions, the guns with high floats may cost not much less than Factory New ones due to their uniqueness. More commonly, you will see a typical distribution, with Factory New being the costliest.

If you want to purchase a skin, take into account its CS:GO skin wear level as it affects the item's value. The levels that are most sought after are Factory New and Minimal Wear since they have the best appearance. At Skin.Land, you can browse various versions of each skin, enabling you to find the one you desire and obtain it at an affordable cost.

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