Whether you are a casual player or an avid fan of the game, knowing the best csgo cases to open will be useful to you, as it helps to enhance your collection of in-game items, allows you to show-off the best weapon finishes or even turn your favorite game into a source of profit by selling valuable items you get by opening the containers. Beneath, you will uncover a comprehensive guide detailing the significance of skins within the CS2 ecosystem – ranging from the fundamentals of their functionality to compendiums featuring the notably lucrative ones.

Understanding Weapon Cases

Presently, there exist over thirty cases within the realm of CS:GO, and each of them contain unique weapon finishes. The inaugural container was incorporated into the game during the year 2013, and since then the collection is only growing. Through the act of unveiling a case, one acquires a random item from the predetermined inventory. The probability of obtaining these items is contingent upon their rarity attribute, such as “Covert” or “Mil-Spec”. Here is the essential information you need to understand to select the right CS2 cases. 

The Best CS:GO Cases To Buy 1

How To Acquire and Open Cases

There are three main options to acquire the best CS:GO cases to open. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you are able to choose what suits best to your playstyle, amount of free time and other preferences.

  • YCS2 cases are obtained when participating in any official game mode. Have a couple of matches on official servers each week, and you will get a case or two. Note, that the drop system in CS2 takes into account if the player has Prime access or not. Whether you play for free or have purchased Prime, you will get some cases regularly. However, Prime users can enjoy a bigger drop pool, which includes rare cases. Consequently, it is worth spending some money on Prime access, especially when you hope to get some profit from selling expensive skins.

  • Moreover, you get special CS:GO cases during Operations. They are limited time events that occur regularly. When an Operation is active, special missions are issued regularly. Players earn mission currency from fulfilling them, and then use it to purchase containers. Similar to the previously described option, buying an Operation pass increases your chances. Usually you can return the cost of the pass by waiting a while and then selling what you obtained. The worth of operation cases in CS:GO appreciates over time, because they can be acquired only before the Operation ends.

  • The alternative approach involves buying the best CS:GO cases directly from the marketplace, either via Steam or through third-party platforms like Skin.Land. This becomes particularly advantageous when you aspire to test your fortune by unboxing cases from former Operations or souvenir packages, which cannot be obtained in any other way anymore.

To open CS:GO cases, you need to acquire and use case keys. They are available both on Steam Marketplace and third-party resources. Do not forget to account for the cost of the key, when calculating your profits.

The Best CS:GO Cases To Buy 2

Rarity and Chances

One of the primary determinants impacting the prospective profitability of a case is the likelihood of acquiring a rare weapon. The likelihood of receiving drops of diverse rarities is officially disclosed by Steam. They are as follows:












Furthermore, there exists a 10% probability of receiving an item equipped with a StatTrak counter. Consequently, the probability of getting a StatTrek Restricted weapon will be 1,59847%. Here are the numbers for other StatTrak guns and knives drop chances:











This implies, for instance, that when you open a thousand crates, there is an average likelihood of the mere six of them containing Covert-grade weapons. Knowing these rates, you can estimate what are the best CS:GO cases to open, taking into account the potential profit. These drops are especially useful, if you plan to buy plenty of containers to increase your chances. Do not spend a huge chunk of money on them without calculating the chances of valuable drops!

The Best CS:GO Cases To Buy 3

The drop rates remain consistent across all cases, spanning from the initial releases to the most recently issued ones. Note, that unlike many modern games with random drops, CS2 doesn’t have a pity system. This means that the chances remain the same, and the system doesn’t take into account how many boxes were already opened. Let’s say you have bought ninety nine containers and all of them dropped some Mil-Spec weapon. When you open the hundredth crate, the chances of obtaining some rarity will remain the same, so do not hold your hopes high.

However, to profit from buying cases you do not necessarily need to drop rare weapons. Here are some advice which will help you to get a good return on your purchases:

  • As with any other investment, proceed with caution and do not make impulsive purchases.

  • Do a deep dive into market analytics to grasp a picture of its current state and possible changes.

  • Use case opening simulators to get a realistic picture of what to expect.

  • Plan in advance and do not spend more than you planned initially.

  • Follow news about CS:GO tournaments and game updates to buy new item containers for a good price.

  • Remember, that you can profit from reselling containers later even without opening them.

These figures do not mean that getting a knife or a Covert gun is impossible, but you should be careful with planning your purchases and choose the best CS:GO cases wisely. Below you will find a list of the most promising containers based on value and popularity of the items within.

The Best Cases To Buy in 2023

Here are some of the best CS:GO cases to open in 2023. Some of them were issued almost ten years ago, but still attract players’ attention, while others are recent additions. There is a wide choice of a great variety, where anyone can find something depending on their preferences and goals. Whether you want to profit from selling skins or boast rare items during your matches, these boxes are worth spending money on. Most of them cost several dollars, consequently, you can easily purchase several containers to increase your chances.

The Best CS:GO Cases To Buy 4


CS20 Case was released in 2019 to celebrate the anniversary of the game. Most items it contains offer a nostalgic look, which will be especially appealing to the long-term fans of the game. Moreover, there is a slim but real chance to obtain a Classic Knife, which doesn’t drop from any other case. The knife was designed with old versions of CS:GO in mind, but even in the times of CS2 it remains popular, so you will be able to sell it for a good amount of money.


The Fracture Case is advantageous for both players aspiring to obtain knives and for those simply desiring to have a choice of regal and colorful weapon finishes in the inventory. Regarding knives, you can get some expensive drops of the Skeleton Knife or the Nomad Life here, along with some other rarities, with some of them worth thousands of dollars. But even if you do not hope for such luck, you still will enjoy cool gun designs, from MAG-7 Monster Call to AK-47 Legion of Anubis.


As you have probably already guessed from its name, it was the first container with the exclusive glove drops. Currently, it is the cheapest box with an opportunity to get some good-looking gloves, such as Bloodhound Snakebite. Consequently, if you prefer to test your luck, Glove Case is the most affordable option to do so, as it costs cheaper than any other containers with gloves.


What CS:GO cases are the best to open sometimes depends on your goals. If your goal is to generate profits through resale, the Horizon Case may not be the most favorable selection. However, if your objective is to enhance your inventory with visually appealing skins, it represents one of the prime opportunities to achieve this goal. For less than half a dollar it contains a lot of intricate skins and knife finishes. Moreover, there are many finishes for the guns belonging to the current meta, which means you will use your newly acquired items a lot during the matches.

Huntsman Weapon 

From this box, you will acquire one of the 22 weapon finishes created by the best community designers. They vary in style, ensuring that every player will find some appealing weapon finishes here. And if you do not like the item you get from it, you will easily sell an unwanted skin at Skin.Land or some other marketplace.

Arms Deal

It introduced the whole idea of changing weapon finishes in CS:GO. While most objects found in it are not that expensive, it is part of  the game’s history. While those gun designs are not that bright and flashy in comparison to the contents of the newer containers, for many players they still hold some nostalgic value.

Danger Zone 

The container was released in 2018 and remains pretty cheap to this day. There is a bunch of well-known skins among its contents, ranging from P250 Nevermore to AK-47 Asiimov. In addition, there is a probability of acquiring a Huntsman knife, which can be vendored for a substantial value, should you wish to convert it into cash.


This box is famous mostly thanks to the chance of dropping Gamma Doppler knife, along with some other expensive knife styles. No matter how low the probability of obtaining a knife is, the player still hopes to get a small fortune by opening this container. But even if you are not that lucky, the box contains many other vibrant or even tropical skins to enjoy or profitably sell.

Operation Cases

We decided to put Operation cases in a separate category. Firstly, they cannot be acquired through playing the game, so making a purchase on Steam Marketplace or a third-party platform is the only option. Secondly, due to the above mentioned fact, they are considered more valuable, and their price often grows slowly with time. Consequently, they are considered a profitable long-term investment even if you don’t plan to open them and just plan to resell them later.

Operation Broken Fang

Operation Broken Fang was brought to life in 2020, and it quickly gained in popularity. Nearly three years following the cessation of the operation, the container is still regarded as one of the premier containers to unbox in CS2. Along with bright and original weapon designs it offers a chance to acquire gloves which makes it appealing for collectors.

Operation Hydra

The Operation this box belongs to was introduced in 2017. This container remains greatly valued by players, as it comprises multiple skins that enjoy substantial demand on the marketplace. Look at the designs of Five-Seven Hyper Beast or M4A4 Hellfire. It is no wonder that players are ready to pay more for the case containing such gems.

Souvenir Packages

Don’t forget about another special category of CS:GO cases. They are called Souvenir Packages and function in a similar fashion to usual item boxes, but with several additions.

  • Souvenir Cases can be obtained in-game only during Major esports tournaments. Once the tournament concludes, there will be no additional souvenir cases of that specific type distributed, and the available quantity in the market will gradually decrease as more of them are unsealed.

  • To proceed towards Souvenir Cases, you will be required to purchase the Viewer Pass for the event and then participate actively, such as watch tournament streams or do other activities.

  • Souvenir Cases contain special versions of the guns. They have Souvenir characteristics and are enhanced with stickers of teams and players participating in the tournament.

The Best CS:GO Cases To Buy 5

The demand for Souvenir Cases often supersedes the supply, while they contain rare and meticulously crafted skins, so their prices will increase, which is especially true for packages from earlier times.. Compare the prices for Souvenir containers from 2019 and 2023 and you will see it for yourself. As a result, if you consider buying CS2 items a long-term investment, buying some packages and waiting might be an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best options to buy CS:GO cases?

There are multiple marketplaces selling CS:GO skins. When making a selection, assess their prices to determine the most favorable choices. For example, you can consider Skin.Land, as it offers a diverse selection of skins and cases in combination with an easy to use interface and a variety of purchase options.

How to maximize profit from CS:GO cases?

Compute the mean price of the skins within the case to approximate the potential profit achievable based on current market valuations. Use the skins economy insights to find out what cases are the best to open.

When will the new case be released?

Valve publishes new cases regularly, however, there isn’t any set schedule. Currently, players can expect a new weapon container along with the upcoming CS2 operation, which does not have an expected release date yet.

What are the most valuable items that drop from CS2 cases?

Knives and gloves hold the highest worth in CS2 due to their exceptionally scarce drop rates, especially when we consider rare pattern indexes and StatTrak versions. Besides them, the highly priced items are Covert items for the most iconic guns, such as AWP or AK-47.

How many cases are in CS:GO?

There are more than thirty cases with new containers added every year.

What cases are the rarest ones?

The rarest boxes are Souvenir Packages. They are generated only during a short period of time, namely, during the important CSGO championships. Afterward, the existing amount cannot increase, which pushes the prices upwards.

What cases are the most profitable in 2023?

The choice depends on the economy conditions and your personal preferences, yet analytics suggest that Broken Fang and Huntsman cases stand out as the optimal selections if you aim to generate profits.

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