Gloves and knives are known as the most expensive skins in CS:GO. Unlike other weapon skins, which are affordable in most cases, most gloves can be bought by a true fan, who does not hesitate to spend thousands of bucks on a virtual item – or by those, who view such a purchase as an investment. Even the cheapest gloves will cost about $30-40, not to mention more valuable ones. 

The gloves are a pleasant purchase for gamers who like to show off their skins: unlike gun finishes, which can be seen by others only when active, gloves remain constantly in view to be admired by teammates and opponents. Bonus points, if you manage to find the variant that suits your weapon loadout by color, style, or design. 

Below you will find some facts about the most expensive gloves in CS:GO. Only a few can afford them, but who can prevent us from dreaming about them? Maybe one day some of these items will become part of your collection. 

Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box - $13 000 - $36 000

The Most Expensive Gloves in CS:GO 1

The most recognizable feature of the gloves – the combination as well as the smooth and textured surfaces colored in black in dark purple. These gloves exist in the game for a very long time, and five years ago, they appeared in the Operation Hydra Case. The gloves suit good to other puple-colored skins, such as Akihabara Accept or Famas Teardown. The cost of the gloves in Factory New state surpasses $36 000. 

Sports Gloves | Vice - $19 000  

The Most Expensive Gloves in CS:GO 2

This variant of the Sports Gloves with its black and purple design is valued by many players. Dropped from the Clutch case, it remains rare, which explains the price of these gloves: about $19 thousand or higher, depending on the quality. Sports Gloves Vice look extremely well with Neon-themed skins, such as AK Neon Rider/

Driver Gloves | King Snake - up to $15 000

The Most Expensive Gloves in CS:GO 3

If you prefer a more minimalistic design, Driver Gloves King Snake may be a perfect option. This simple finish would be popular among CS:GO players, if not its price of about $13 thousand. In fact, this gloves variant is one of the rarest in the whole game, as it currently can be found only in Clutch cases. King Snake gloves look good with any minimalistic or black-and-white weapon design, such as Galil Winter Forest.

Moto Gloves | Spearmint - about $5 000 

The Most Expensive Gloves in CS:GO 4

And here is one more design for players who prefer realistic colors to bright ones. These gloves were created with attention to detail, which makes them very pleasant to look at. Even if you see them for many hours in your field of view, they do not become boring. It is not easy to find this skin for sale, and even the MV version can cost about 5 thousand dollars.

Sports Gloves | Hedge Maze - $14 000 

The Most Expensive Gloves in CS:GO 5

The last mention in our list is another example of Sports Gloves, this time – in various shades of green. The unique combination of green, black and beige makes them stand out in the game. They will look especially good with emerald or green weapon skin designs. The cost of the Factory New version is still high - $14 thousand – but this seems modest in comparison with other Sports Gloves skins mentioned above! 

It doesn’t matter what skins you plan to buy, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, at Skin.Land you will find a reliable and secure option to do so – and for a very reasonable price.

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