Knives are significant in the world of Counter-Strike 2, but they can be quite expensive, especially for the average player. Let's discuss the best exterior choice for those interested in acquiring such an item in the game. The quality of the skin plays a crucial role in determining how satisfied the buyer will be with their new purchase. Here, we'll explore the most impressive and reasonably priced Huntsman skins. 

Gamma Doppler

Introducing the highly-rated Huntsman Knife Gamma Doppler. Its intricate pattern makes it a sought-after item among collectors and gamers. This shell is both expensive and rare, starting at over $200.

The black pearl variant is especially coveted due to its even rarer color scheme. The polished edge with sharp lines provides a visually stunning appearance, catering to those with a preference for aesthetics. 

For those seeking simpler options, the original Huntsman Knife Doppler is a suitable choice. The steel is coated with a metallic shade and features a drawing of semi-transparent wavy lines resembling smoke tendrils. The color palette includes dark blue and various shades of green, creating gradient transitions. The handle remains unpainted.

It is possible to obtain it from the Dreams and Nightmares or Operation Riptide collections. Alternatively, daggers are available on specialized trading platforms, such as

Marble Fade

The Huntsman MF was added on March 15, 2017. The distinctive feature of this model is its metallic skin patterns resembling smoke. 

The shade palette includes yellow, blue, and red, creating gradient transitions. The handle is black. Due to its appealing exterior, the Huntsman MF has become popular within the gaming community.

This kind is classified as covert. However, its worth is not only attributed to its rarity but also to the StatTrak feature. Today, it stands as one of the most popular colorings.

Tiger Tooth

Huntsman Knife Tiger Tooth was introduced in the "Canals Collection" update. It somewhat resembles the more expensive Bowie knife Tiger Tooth.

The armament stands out as it is covered in yellow with brown stripes, resembling tiger fur. The TT Float Value ranges from 0.00 to 0.08, indicating that it can only be initially obtained in factory new condition with minimal wear. Small abrasions are already present on the handle. Further wear increases over time.

The pattern index affects the placement of the stripes, and there is no special design. Unlike its predecessors, this shell is not as highly sought after, which positively impacts its price. This particular edge is more accessible.

Damascus Steel

Huntsman Knife Damascus Steel is a dagger made from two types of metal, creating an intricate wavy print. The blade's body doesn't get scratches, only developing a patina over time. 

The iron darkens noticeably as it ages. Damascus steel has a uniform design with no specific variations. Although relatively rare, this dagger is in high demand due to its stunning design.


Huntsman Knife Ultraviolet has an interesting appearance, resembling a brighter execution of the Night variant. The dagger is covered in matte black paint, while the hilt stands out with a vibrant purple color.

Minor abrasions and scratches are visible on the upper surface notches and along the cutting edge. In the "Factory New" condition, the thing is rare and more costly than in other conditions. Ultraviolet is recognizable and desired by many players.

Case Hardened

The community welcomed the release of the Huntsman Knife Case Hardened (CH) on July 1, 2014, along with the "Hunt Begins" update. 

The external appearance is impressive. Tempered cold arms are adorned with blue, purple, and yellow streaks, creating a shimmering and radiant effect. In the game, it looks stylish and dynamic.

With prolonged use, the iron may darken. A weapon with a high concentration of pure blue spots is considered the most costly and even has a separate nickname – fans call it the "Blue Gem." The cheapest option is one dominated by yellow spots, and such an edge will cost much less. Nevertheless, the CH is highly renowned among gamers.


Huntsman Knife Slaughter was introduced into the game almost 10 years ago. The cold arms are adorned with a design created using aluminum and chrome shade, coated with red.

The Slaughter pattern is highly valued, and the pattern index influences the weapon's price. The most expensive ornaments are considered to be the ones resembling dog bone, heart, or diamond shapes. These images are the rarest and, therefore, are highly prized on the market. Less costly variations are also actively purchased.

The Covert quality makes this exterior relatively rare. Slaughter is an excellent choice for enthusiasts of aesthetics. Owning this element in the inventory allows players to showcase it to their teammates.

Black Laminate

The Huntsman Knife Black Laminate is the newest addition to our collection. It was introduced to CS:GO on September 22, 2021, coinciding with the start of Operation Riptide. It is available in the Operation Riptide box. The design of the BL is understated: it is coated with a black matte color, while the hilt is crafted from dark and light wood.

The float ranges from 0.00 to 1.00, making it accessible in any condition. Scratches do not appear on the knife's body. As the wear level approaches the maximum, the entire exterior becomes noticeably darker. 

The ornament does not affect the external appearance. BL is highly valued among players. It is mesmerizing, exuding a stylish and cool vibe.


The Huntsman Knife Lore also made its debut around two years ago. The drawing is inspired by the legendary AWP | Dragon Lore. It is coated with a gold color and features a translucent medieval decoration. The central part is adorned with a brown-beige Celtic ornament, while the hilt is painted in a green hue.

The type of this weapon is enchanting, but there are slight abrasions in factory condition. The more wear, the darker the iron becomes, and the paint wears off more noticeably. 

This stunning blade is not as popular as one might think. Certainly, there are enthusiasts who appreciate this design. However, the Lore is encountered less frequently compared to other shells in its category.


The Fade Huntsman Knife is a rather old shell that has managed to establish itself among gamers. The blade has gathered a fan club that appreciates such a drawing.

The blade is chrome-plated and coated with translucent paints. The decoration is executed in various shades of purple, pink, and yellow, with the color ratio depending on the index. The handle remains unpainted.

Minor abrasions on the steel are present in a new condition. As the scratches increase, the paint wears off. 

In this version, the image index affects the price. The more purple at the tip of the blade, the higher the steel price. Daggers with less purple cost lower and are called "99% Fade" (or "fake Full Fade") and "98% Fade."

This type also belongs to the Covert class. The blade is valued for its rarity and the StatTrak option. Since 2014, this thing has gained significant popularity.

Obtaining and Trading Best Huntsman Knives Skins

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The Appeal of Huntsman Knives

The CS:GO Hunting Knife is distinctly painted to meet combat requirements and serves as a convenient tool for various household tasks in the camp, including butchering prey. Its stylish vibe  is appreciated by fans of the csgo 2.


Now you are familiar with the most popular types of Huntsman daggers in CS:GO 2. With the help of our article, you will know how to choose the right weapon for yourself. We've also shared information on where to profitably buy or sell things. With our guide, you will not only save money but also showcase discernment and refined taste among CS:GO 2 enthusiasts. Feel free to use the manual, buy, and sell items on Skin.Land.


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