The economy of Counter-Strike is thriving, and knowing what the most expensive CS:GO skins are gives you further evidence. The world of CS:GO is full of unexpected discoveries, stories, deals worth an equivalent of a fortune. Whether you plan to invest in buying digital assets yourself or not, reading about the most unusual firearm finishes is pretty interesting. And if you view in-game items as a way not only to add more variance to their game but also to add money, learning about the premium-priced digital items makes practical sense. It helps to better understand trading of digital assets and predict its trends, so studying what to expect allows you to conduct lucrative purchases. 

The most expensive skins in 2023

The monetary worth of CS:GO items fluctuates every day. It can demonstrate an upward or downward general trend besides daily or weekly fluctuations. You can access in-depth data regarding the history for each item in CS:GO databases. When evaluating a price, you review the distinctive properties, involving its quality and the presence of a StatTrak counter. Websites that collect such data about the market usually represent separate plots for each stage of deterioration, with StatTrak or without it. Souvenir items are also represented separately.

Below you find top-tier collectibles according to the analyzed data from May 2023: 

Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem) - up to $1,5 million

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 1

Cold arms are notorious for their hefty prices, and this instance looks unique even among them. Its design is influenced by the pattern index, and the parameter renders the  blade  truly one-of-its-kind. On this particular occasion the index is 387, which makes the surface decorated solely in the various shades of color of the sky. The existing holder of this blade acquired it about six years prior for 100 000$. The collector doesn’t reveal if they have intentions to trade the collectible yet, although according to sources several years ago they refused an offer to sell it for 1,2 million dollars. As the value of rare and unique in-game digital objects increases with time, currently you may expect it to cost about 2 million, which makes this Karambit the most expensive skin in CS:GO. 

AWP Dragon Lore (Souvenir version) - about $150 000

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 2

This digital object has garnered a legendary reputation. AWP itself  is a vivid example of the famed CS:GO firearms, so finishes for it aren’t cheap either. Yet, this particular one costs about 150 000$ in its Souvenir version. The main reason is the fact of the absence of any option to procure any Souvenir items anymore, as they belong to a series related to the map, which has left the competitive array as of now. Consequently, no additional drops of these Souvenir crates are possible. A bit more than one hundred instances of Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore exist at the time, so the fortunate collectors who possess it enjoy a valid feel of exclusivity. 

AK-47 Case Hardened (661) - about $35 000

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 3

Several assets in the compilation of CS:GO expensive skins are objects having a unique history or are characterized by certain rare parameters. The visual concept of this AK-47 serves as a notable illustration for the latter. With 1000 possible indexes, the likelihood of getting your hands on this specific variation of Case Hardened adds 1/1000 on top of the usual probability of dropping the firearm. Community appreciates the exclusivity of the variation of the weapon finish, namely the comprehensive coating of the surface which makes the firearm decorated in a variety of blue hues. No other index value creates this effect with that utmost precision. As a result, the instance with the index of 661 bringsabove 35 thousand dollars. 

Moreover, there is a known case when such an AK-47 was transacted for an even more exorbitant amount of money. Thanks to the Titan Holo decals applied to the gun, its cost skyrocketed up to 400 thousand. In addition, this deal establishes a fascinating and exceptional situation when the total value of decals exceeded one of the firearm itself. 

M4A4 Howl - up to $30 000 

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 4

Akin to the Dragon Lore, mentioned above, the firearm constantly gets listed in the compilations of the most expensive CS:GO skins due to its scarce amount.The illustration initially applied for its visual concept was discovered to be used without artist’s permission, so Valve replaced it and prohibited it from dropping. Moreover, this gun has a one-of-a-kind Contraband attribute. 

Not accounting for decals, it is traded from 5 to 30 thousand, in accordance with the quality. If enhanced with rare stickers of one of the pioneering CS:GO competitive events, it will bring its owner a literal 100 thousand dollars. 

Sport Gloves Vice / Pandora’s Box - up to 20 000 What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 5

We have arrived at the midpoint of our compilation of the most expensive CS:GO skins, and still haven’t mentioned the Gloves. Time to address the matter. The likelihood of acquiring gloves is exceedingly slim, which makes some designs extremely pricey. A very distinctive example is the above mentioned class of Sports Gloves. Contingent upon the condition, it can bring its holder up to 20 thousand. When the deterioration parameter is low, the market value drops drastically, still it stays at the level of several thousand. 

The distance in cost between FN and other versions of the gloves is incredibly high, which is explained by the fact that the odds of getting impeccable variation is very much limited. There are actually less than a hundred instances of perfect Vice gloves currently accessible for purchase on various services. 

Doppler knives - up to $20 000

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 6

Here we should mention not the sole expensive CS:GO skin, but the whole category. We mean bladesembellished with a variation of a Doppler pattern called Sapphire. Owing to their unique look, they can cost 10-20 thousand bucks, in accordance with their pattern index. There are two more costly variations - Ruby and Emerald. The price varies in dependence on the type of blade itself. The highly beloved by players are Karambits, Butterflies, and M9 Bayonets. 

FN Crimson Web knives - up to $15 000

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 7

Naturally, Doppler is not the exclusive pattern responsible for some of the most expensive CS:GO skins. Here is one more example: blades decorated with the Crimson Web pattern. In FN condition they can cost up to 10-15 thousand dollars. As in the previous case, the most valued knife types are Karambit and M9 Bayonet. The difference between variations with various pattern indexes is not that drastic but can also have significance and influence the price. Some rare patterns are definitely more valuable than others, but sometimes it depends on the preferences of the particular buyer. In addition, FN items of the category have an extremely low drop probability. So, it is no wonder that at least in one known case Factory New Crimson Web M9 Bayonet was sold for 15 000$. 

AWP Gungnir - up to $12 000

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 8

Let’s return to the world of firearms after our brief look at the subset of the most esteemed blades. This AWP weapon finish may cost less than some of the most valuable blades, but it is still a legend. Currently, it is the runner-up for the most luxurious sniper rifle finish, surpassed only by Dragon Lore. As of now, its price varies within a range of 6 - 12 thousand dollars, depending on the quality. There are a bit more than three thousand collectibles of the category, making each of them special. The design is based on Norse mythology and traditional ornaments, so the somewhat worn-out variations cost about eight thousand. 

AK-47 Wild Lotus - about $8 000

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 9

The review of the most expensive skins in CS:GO wouldn’t be full without some weapon finishes for another iconic weapon – AK-47, whose recognizable shape is familiar even to newbies who just started playing the game. The most sought-after unique coating for this firearm is known under the name Wild-Lotus. It has a highly detailed floral design, which makes the FN option especially desired. The item got its debut in 2019. In combination with its scarcity, the quantity on the market remains rather limited and accounts for about three thousand instances. 

To acquire one of them, the buyer has to shell out about 8 thousand (a bit less, if one agrees to accept some wear marks and defects). Just recently, in March 2023, the AK-47 Wild Lotus was acquired at a significantly greater cost.. Due to the presence of four exclusive stickers, the value surged to exceed 150 thousand dollars. 

AK-47 Gold Arabesque - up to $11 000

What Are The Most Expensive CS:GO skins? 10

Let’s round up our list of the most expensive CS:GO skins with another firearm design for AK-47, namely the famous Gold Arabesque. Although purely golden designs aren’t encouraged by Valve guidelines for skinmakers, it looks like they have made an exception here. This skin looks absolutely gorgeous. The fluctuations of the skin’s cost is also worth your attention. For some time, the monetary worth of the Souvenir item was declining, because some oversupply existed. But subsequent to the exclusion of Dust2 from the competitive array, it started to grow again, and currently can reach about 11 thousand dollars. This is a characteristic example of how the availability of a digital asset can affect its value. 

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