Karambit knife skins are the most valuable in CS:GO, so knowing where to obtain karambit cases will increase your chances of enhancing your collection or even getting a good amount of money from the skins you have obtained. Karambits are easily recognized by their curved blade, and a large surface area allows various patterns to shine. Even the cheapest knives of this type can cost above $350, so many players prefer to try their luck and open CS:GO karambit cases to get this rarity.What CS:GO Cases Have Karambits? Best Case For Karambit 1

Note, that getting a Karambit knife from any of the containers described below is a matter of chance. According to the data, disclosed by Valve, a chance of getting a knife from the case is 0.2%. This means, you may need to open more than a hundred cases to get a desired drop. However, if you are lucky, you may get it on one of the first tries as well. The chances of getting the knife does not depend on what CS:GO cases that drop karambit you use, because drop stats are the same for all of them.

What CS:GO Cases Have Karambits? Best Case For Karambit 2

What CS:GO Cases Have Karambits?

In total, there are 13 CS:GO cases with karambit. You may choose one of them based on several factors, including its current price and the chance of getting other valuable items, if not the desired knife. Here are several examples of karambit knife CS:GO cases worth buying. Do not forget that you need to purchase not only the case itself, but also a key for it.

Gamma and Gamma 2 Case

What CS:GO Cases Have Karambits? Best Case For Karambit 3

Gamma Case is one of the most popular cases that has karambit. Often it can be found on Steam Market for about $1. The case also contains several more skins, such as M4A1-S Mecha Industries, which can be resold for a good price. Gamma 2 Case is of similar value. The most valuable skins that may drop from this case, besides knives, is the AK-47 Neon Revolution, especially if you get a StatTrak version.  

Chroma and Chroma 2 Case

What CS:GO Cases Have Karambits? Best Case For Karambit 4

Chroma and Chroma 2 offer one more example of a CS:GO case with karambit. It usually costs about $1 or a bit more. Besides the chance of getting a treasure of a Karambit knife, you can also get some expensive covert skins from both cases.

Chroma 3 Case

What CS:GO Cases Have Karambits? Best Case For Karambit 5

If you look for the cheapest case which has karambit, try out Chroma 3. It costs less than a dollar, but still offers some chance of getting a famous curved blade. However, the odds are about 1/2500, because it contains 30 skins with only about half of them being Karambits. Consequently, even if you are lucky enough to drop a knife, it may turn out to be some other type.

Revolver Case

What CS:GO Cases Have Karambits? Best Case For Karambit 6

Revolver Case offers some more opportunities to get a karambit form a CS:GO case. The Karambit versions contained in it include Case Hardened, Slaughter, Vanilla and several others, which makes it very appealing to players.

What CS:GO Case Has Karambit? Best Case for Karambit

When choosing the best karambit case in CS:GO, you need to consider several factors. Naturally, the most important one is the chance of getting the item you want. Before buying the container, read about its contents. Each case contains other knife types as well, and this influences the probability of you getting what you want. Sometimes you also need to find out which karambit knife CS:GO cases contain which particular skins. For example, if you hunt for Marble Fade Karambit, you need to open any of the three cases in the Chroma series, and if you are searching for Case Hardened, opening Weapon Case will give you a chance.

In general, Chroma cases can be safely considered the best option to get a karambit skin, because they contain several of the most valuable skins, such as various Doppler Phases and colors.

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