Stickers in CS2 is an amazing method to decorate your weapons and add some flavor to your experience.. For each major tournament, Valve releases a dedicated sticker collection with the logos of teams and players. Below you will find interesting facts about the newest stickers as well as the links to the most valuable ones. 

Copenhagen 2024 Stickers Release and Sale

The Copenhagen 2024 Stickers made players wait longer than usual. While their files were discovered by dataminers and players expected the stickers to appear soon, they got delayed. Although Valve has not given an official explanation for the delay, according to the insiders, it happened because several players have not submitted the autographs in time or have not provided the images following the guidelines. 

It was reported that some players turned to the designers to create more elaborate and complicated versions of their inscriptions, while Valve wanted the autographs to remain simple, so that they could be replicated by hand on paper. Consequently, the developers had to wait for a bit until they got autographs of all participants. Moreover, the list of participating teams was finalized right before the tournament started, because Russia’s 9Pandas were unable to attend and were replaced. 

All Best Major Copenhagen 2024 Team Stickers

The Copenhagen 2024 collection has a great variety of stickers to offer. Here are several examples of the brightest and funniest designs that will look good on any weapon skins, from monochrome ones like Printstream series or AK-47 Slate to detailed drawings or geometric patterns. In general, the team stickers look pretty similar to the previous versions, and you usually will notice only subtle differences. Their price and popularity is influenced by the interest of the fans to a particular team and its final place. 

Lynn Vision (Gold) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 1

Lynn Vision (Gold) is currently the most expensive team sticker in the Copenhagen 2024 pack. It is dedicated to a Chinese team which currently belongs toTop-50 in the world rating The expressive team logo gained the traction during the tournament, making both team and autograph stickers pretty popular. 

KOI (Holo) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 2

The most valuable Holo sticker from the collection is currently dedicated to the team KOI. Although the team has not demonstrated its best play during the tournament, the brightly colored rectangular sticker caught the attention of the collectors. 

Cloud9 (Holo) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 3

The stickers with the Cloud9 logo remain in Gold, Holo and Glitter versions. The easily recognizable team logo looks good on multiple guns. Choose the bright blue version or the golden one depending on what style you are looking for. 

NAVI (Gold) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 4

It is hard not to mention the stickers with the logo of the team which dominated the tournament. The famous yellow letters look amazing in all sticker types, especially in Gold. So, if you want to add some inspiration by decorating your gun with the stickers of the champions, you can do it for an affordable price. 

Furia (Holo) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 5

If you are looking for a bright and recognizable sticker, do not miss a FURIA (Holo). A holographic image changes color depending on the light angle, which looks especially impressive, if you add several instances. 

All Best Major Copenhagen 2024 Players Stickers

The stickers with the players autographs offer a great variety as well. Usually, they depict the handwritten name of the player with their team logo as the background. Here are some of the most valuable players stickers from the Major Copenhagen 2024. 

Hobbit (Glitter) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 6

Players often experiment with their handwriting to give their autograph an outstanding look. The work by Hobbit from Cloud9 is a good example: the boxy letters remind of the nording runes and create an interesting contrast to the circular shape of the logo. 

Westmelon (Gold) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 7

If one sticker with unusual handwriting isn’t enough for you, here is another one, this time by westmelon from Lynn Vision. The player adds a small drawing of the melon to the inscription of his name. The glitter version has a bright yellow background, which looks not far worse than the golden one.

KSCERATO (Glitter)

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 8

The autograph by KSCERATO  from Furia may be one of the stickers which made Valve doubt if the players will be able to recreate their writings by hand. It definitely looks complicated, embellished with drawings and curly lines. The sticker will look the best on a minimalistic gun which will not steal attention from it. 

jL (Glitter)

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 9

But for some the beauty is in the simplicity. Clean straight lines and easily readable nicknames are what you ultimately want from a sticker, and this item from NAVI provides just that. 

m0NESY (Gold) 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 10

M0NESY, currently playing for G2, decided to have some fun with his autograph and added a reference to s1mple, as a reminder of his past stint in NAVI. You won’t see a similar smiley face on his older stickers, so this one may become a unique addition to your collection. 

Copenhagen Major 2024 Capsules

Copenhagen Major 2024 Stickers and Capsules 11

The stickers from Copenhagen Major 2024 are presented within several capsules. There are three Team Capsules, correlating to the Contenders, Challengers and Legends team categories in the tournament. There are also four autograph capsules, with the separate Champions Autograph capsule added to the same three groups. On opening the capsule, you get a ransom sticker from the list, but it is easier to look through the Skin.Land catalog - you have a good chance to find the sticker you need without relying on random.

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